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The sun was shining bright today, the rain from the previous week having subsided. You decided to wear a white tank top and dark grey jean shorts. Jorts? Is that what they were called? You tied your black and gray flannel around your waist, it being too hot to wear at the moment. You had your camera hanging from around your neck, it was your day off, but you still wanted to explore, so you figured why not get some photos just for fun?

You took a deep breath, the cool breeze giving a nice contrast to the warm rays of the sun. You looked around, stopping every once in awhile to take a few photos. You stared at the skyline in awe, your steps slowing in order for you to take in the beautiful sight of the mixing grays and white, when you felt your shoulder hit someone.

"Oh my god, I'm sorry," you started, looking back at the person to make sure they were alright.

They turned as well, "I'm fine, sorr—"

Your eyes met. You watched as the man's face bloom with color. Glorious peaches and pinks colored his skin, his shirt a wonderful periwinkle blue. You stared in amazement, tears collecting in your eyes. You put a hand to your mouth, turning around to observe the scenery around you.

The skyline was painted with stunning reds and purples, the buildings you had looked at just a moment ago were now colored with browns and yellows you had never imagined. You wiped a stray tear that fell from your eye, looking back at the man.

"My name's L/N," you sniffed, "L/N Y/N."

He smiled, "I'm Seokjin."

RED; the color of the beautiful sunset on the day we met


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