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AFTER THE AWKWARD leave of Vanya and Leonard, Carl felt more out of place then ever. Maybe he was right, he shouldn't have been here– he didn't know their family history, nor had any idea how to save the world. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat, looking around anywhere in the room. The room was spacious and grand, it made him feel so tiny. "I'm going to go find Vanya and explain." Allison said, explaining to the group. Maybe that was for the best.

"No, wait, there isn't time. We need to figure out what causes the apocalypse," Luther said. Allison sighed, turning around to head towards the group, leaving Vanya at the back of her mind at the moment. "Now, there are loads of possibilities. Nuclear war, asteroids. But I'm thinking this is about the Moon. Right? Dad must have sent me up there for a reason. And I was giving him daily updates on the conditions, I sent field samples. The first thing we need to do is find his research." Luther explained.

The room collectively groaned, already shunning the idea. "Hold on. Hold the phone. We all died fighting this thing the first time around. Remember?" Klaus brought up.

"Klaus, shockingly, had a point. What gives us a win this time?" Diego asked.

"Five. Last time we didn't have him. We weren't all together." Klaus slowly covers his mouth, standing up from the bar and moving to the couch. Allison and Carl look at each other before looking at Klaus in worry. "This time, we'll have the full force of the Umbrella Academy. That's what we need." Luther said.

"So, where's Five now?" Allison asked.

"Well, he had a plan to change the time line. He'll be back soon." Luther explained. Carl distracted himself by looking towards Klaus once again. Klaus looked sick, it had popped out of nowhere.

"I'm going after Hazel and Cha-Cha." Diego said, moving from his previous position leaning on the wall.

"What, right now?"

"Hell, yeah. Three days. I'm losing light by the minute."

"Diego– hold on wait. I know you wanna avenge Eudora but– would she really want you to do this? I mean, you should be trying to help save the world not– try to kill someone that is far superior than you. No offense." Carl said. He sympathized with Diego, Carl was there when Eudora died. It had hurt him more than words could describe, knowing that his friend was gone– it was a terrible feeling. But Carl knew that Diego just wasn't one to give up.

"If I'm gonna did, I need to know I killed those bastards first." Diego said, stepping up to Carl in an indescribable feeling– but there was anger somewhere in that mix, Diego was once Carl's good ole' pal, and it's crazy how times have changed. Instantaneously.

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