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Just another gloomy day in Winamac, Indiana. Winamac was such a small town compaired to the other towns I've lived in. Small yet, everybody knew everybody, except me. People hardly knew me, and I hardly knew them. Great. Even though I've been here for a couple of years, I still hardly knew anybody. I had trust issuses, and I think that's why I didn't really bother getting to know a lot of people. The Winamac Community Middle and High School was okay, I guess. The classes were long, and the teachers gave you lots of homework everynight. Oh Great.

The people at the school were okay, most of the people here were preps. Oh-to-joy. Not a lot of emos but I'll be okay with that, I guess, and I'm actually the only real emo in my grade. There were a lot of wannabies here and unpopular kids. I didn't really talk to anybody in school except for my closest friends.

Taylor, my best friend, had shortish blonde hair with bangs. She was the type of person who would always make you happy or laugh, no matter what. Emily, has been my best friend ever since elementry school in Culver. But after a couple of years there, I moved to Winamac, and I've been here ever since. Apparently her dad already lived here, and her mom wanted to move to Winamac for awhile. So when I was in fifth grade she came to my school, but she got held back a grade over in Culver. So now because of that she has always been a grade behind me in school. I hang around other people sometimes too, but I really wouldn't call them my friends.

Ever since I've moved here, I've always felt as if I was being followed or watched. Everywhere I go, when I'm either alone or with a friend, I always have to turn around to see if someone is following me. Most of the time it's just a random person going the same way as me, but the other times it's mostly....a dog.

A blackish-brown dog, which was a little bigger than a normal dog. His eyes....oh his eyes were a luminous pool of blue. Everytime I turn around it's the same dog.


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