Chapter 17 A New Mate?!?!

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"Wait, hold on," Liam said, ignoring my comment. "How are you two mates if Brooke's mate rejected her?"

"Someone rejected you?" Josh demanded. "Who is he? I'll kill him!"

"Relax, I'm over it," Brooke said, putting a hand on his arm to calm him down.

"That doesn't answer my question," Liam said.

"Does it matter?" I asked. "Brooke's happy and has a mate. Do we really need to dig deeper when everything's fine?"

"No, but I just wanna know why Brooke has a new mate and you don't," he said.

"We'll figure it out after school," Brooke said.

"Agreed," I said. "Thinking too much about this right now will give me a headache."

Josh frowned. "You get headaches?"

"You will, too, once you've been around those two for a while," I said, nodding at Liam and Brooke.

Brooke raised an eyebrow. "Excuse me? You're the one who we have to keep an eye on twenty-four-seven."

"Hey, I've seventeen," I said. "I can watch myself perfectly fine."

"Yeah, but if we leave you alone for too long you'll blow up something," Liam said. "Again."

"Wait, she blew up something?" Josh asked.

"It's was a long time ago," I said.

"It was last week!" Brooke exclaimed.

"I've heard it both ways," I said.

"I'm just gonna apologize for whatever Hayley will do to you in advance," Liam said. "And she will do something to you."

"Hey, I get bored," I defended. "I have to do something to entertain myself."

"What are friends for if not for entertainment?" Josh asked.

"Abusing, support, helping you hide bodies," I said. "The list goes on and on."

"Okay, she scares me," Josh said, scooting closer to Brooke.

"It's okay, she scares a lot of people," Brooke said.

"She just has that type of personality," Liam said. "But don't worry, she's lovable once you get to know her."

"You'll never change me, so stop lying now," I said and looked at Josh. "I'm fine as long as you don't bother me, annoy me, anger me, or do anything to threaten or hurt me or my friends. Then you better run."

"Noted," Josh said. "So, what's the deal with you three? Like, I know you're parents are high up in the pack, but I don't know anything about them or you."

"I'll go first," Brooke said. "My dad is the Beta of Crescent Moon pack, which is the other pack that shares this school, and I'm an only child. My favorite color is purple, and I'm random, weird, and lovable. Also, I go along with whatever scheme Hayley cooks up and helps her get out of things. And I'm your mate." She smiled at that.

Josh grinned and put his arm around her. "That I know."

"I guess I'm next since Hayley doesn't like talking," Liam said.

I slapped his arm in response.

He smiled and continued talking. "My dad's the Gamma of Crescent Moon pack, and I'm also an only child. These two weirdos here are my best friends, and I also help Hayley with her schemes and get her out of stuff. I can't count how many times I've had to get her out of trouble. I'm not your mate, but I am your friend."

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