Chapter 13

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Dan was curling my hair between his fingers. Letting them tangle and then untangle all the time.

The bed was soft...The house was quiet. Not the scary silence vibe which you usually get from horror movies, but the kind of silence that everything was peaceful. Like the world was spinning and we had stopped back in time in the same moment and with the same moves.

But maybe not everything was peaceful. My heart was for sure the opposite. I tried so hard to calm down but..Here I was with my older cousin cuddling against my will on the bed. Dan seemed to notice my uncomfortable state, untangling his fingers from my dark brown hair and forced my chin to look up at him. He gave me a small smile. Although it was innocent, behind it, I knew his psychotic smile was lurking.

I shallow hard.
"What's up, little cousin?" He tries to make his voice soothing.
"Are you alright?"
I shake my head slightly earning a chuckle from him.
"You are lost in the depths of you mind, hm? You don't feel comfortable? Shall I move a little?" I felt his hand curling around my waist.

"I will feel comfortable if you actually let go of me and let me go from your cuddles..." I responded coldly. But he only laughed at me.

"Heh.. That's not gonna happen sweetie, you know that. Specially now that I know it bothers you"...he moved closer to me that it was almost suffocating smelling his deep scent. "...Now I will bother you more" his smile widened into a toothy grin.

I blink, feeling my face go red. "You know little cousin..." he started talking again, looking at his fingertips that were holding...My Harry Potter necklace??

"If you were acting like an obedient toy...Now I wouldn't be so harsh on you" his eyes landed on me making me gulp. "Wish you would listen to me. But that's what you get when trying to escape the hands of the one who owns you.." his tone was soft but it pissed me off so bad.

"Ah-ah little cousin..You don't want us to get in a fight again? Do you, hmm?" He smirked leaning his face closer to mine. I clench my teeth hard. I wanna f*cking kill him.

He placed a kiss on my forehead and brushed my cheek. "You know I actually love you, right?"

I stared right in his eyes in shock. Is this what he calls love?? If this is love then what is hate? What is despair and toxic?

I look away in disgust but just then my eyes fall on an old polaroid picture that I hadn't noticed before...
It was laying lazily on a small table of Dan's room. The picture showed a really happy family. They almost looked familiar...And they were. They were Dan's family. But just then, a question crossed my mind...

Where was Dan's family?
Where have they been?
What did they do?
Was it Dan's fault?

I slowly turn my head looking at Dan who is looking now at the same little table of where the Polaroid picture was laying. "Oh. That picture? It's old" he said shrugging.

I look at him with question written all over my face. "Dan...Where has your family been?"
Dan seemed to shallow hard. "I thought you'd never ask.."
"Dan... Where is your family?" I was clearly wondering what happened to them. And this childish room downstairs? Who did it belong to?

Dan blinks at my sudden question. "Well..If you wanna know...Follow me." I nod in response not thinking about, but now that I think about it I really regret it for asking.

We walk down the stairs to the basement room. He opens the lights making me face all these dead bodies hanging around the ceiling. I try to look away but Dan encourages me to not be scared. Sometimes he can be the gentle type...But he is still such a scum.

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