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the real chapter 12 ;))))

"Ningning-ah..." Jisung whispered to the girl who was seated beside him. "Mark-hyung—I mean the duet... might have a little situation..."

Ningning hummed as a reply to what Jisung said, not lifting her head up from looking at her notebook.

Jisung sighed, "Mark-hyung called and told me that you'd sing in replace of Yuri-noona." He said, completely out of breath.

"I-I... what?!"

Jisung nodded, "Yes, and Renjun-hyung's gonna pick you up."


A knock was heard on the door and their professor opened it. Ningning could have sworn that she heard all of her classmates chant her name.

She mentally face palmed and leaned her head on her desk, pretending to be asleep. She didn't care if she would get anouther 2-hour detention. She just wanted to get out of there and save herself from deep humiliation.

"Sir, I'm here for Ning Yizhuo..." Renjun gave a smile before bowing.

As if on cue, Ningning's classmates cheered, and Chenle's voice was mainly heard.

He knows my real name... but why... doesn't he have any idea that I'm yz...?

"Murev's president, Mark Lee, is asking her to sing in replace of Jo Yuri for the winter fair closing event." Renjun bowed.

Their professor nodded, "Mr. Park, can you wake Ms. Ning up? If she's even asleep..."

Ningning grunted, lifting her head up even before Jisung could nudge her. She stood up, "I'm wide awake, sir... and I guess I can't escape now..." She sighed and grabbed her bag, walking towards Renjun, despite her classmates and friends' teasing looks and remarks.

She sighed and closed the door. Renjun was laughing beside her. "What are you laughing at?" She whined and stomped her foot.

Renjun shook his head, "I just remembered something..." He chuckled.

"And that is...?"

Renjun stopped walking, and so did Ningning.

"Remember that time when I told you that I want to do the duet with you?" He looked at her and smiled. "Well, it's happening now." He continued walking, leaving an awestruck Ningning behind.

"Ningning!" He called her when he noticed that she isn't following her anymore.

The girl got her senses back and immediately ran towards Renjun.

Renjun laughed, "Why are you quiet all of a sudden?"

"You're saying things... which is making my mind a complete mess..." Ningning muttered under her breath, and she silently wished that Renjun wasn't able to hear that.

But he did. "Huh? Why?"

"N-Nothing... j-just w-walk and I-I'll follow y-you..." She said, pushing him lightly for him to walk ahead.

But Renjun, being Renjun. He stopped her from pushing him by holding her hand, intertwining their fingers together.

And it feels like time stopped for Ningning.

Little does she know that Renjun feels the same.

"R-Renjun—!" She was cut off when he started running, dragging her along with him.

Renjun laughed, now sure about everything that he was feeling.


"Oh Renjun! You're back." Mark said when Ningning and Renjun entered the gymnasium. His eyes traveled down only to see that Renjun's hand was wrapped around hers.

He smiled unknowingly, knowing the girl that Renjun was referring to when they talked last Saturday. Although he kinda missed the feeling of holding hands with someone you love.

Ningning noticed that Mark was looking at their hands. She got alert and tried to shake his hand off. "R-Renjun, m-my—" She tried to let go, but Renjun wouldn't.

"Oh, Renjun-ah, Ningning-ah, finally you're here!" Baekhyun greeted them and smiled. He then handed Ningning a copy of the lyrics they'll perform later. "You can do it, I know you can." He smiled, making the girl blush a little.

"Th-Thank you, oppa..." She smiled.

Renjun saw how the girl reacted, and it somehow pained him to see that someone was making her smile like that.

"Let's go to the back stage, shall we?" Baekhyun asked and the two nodded. "Ningning, I'll help you catch the tune easily." He let out a hearty laugh, which made the girl laugh too.

But not Renjun.

He looked at their hands and saw that they were still enteined with each other. He sighed and decided to let go as he placed his hands inside his pocket, walking ahead of Baekhyun and Ningning.

Ningning noticed her partner's sudden change of mood, and it did bother her.


Throughout the practice, Renjun was quiet. Stealing glances time to time became his habit.

It was just the two of them because Baekhyun said he just have to drop by the clinic for a while to visit his sick friend, Chanyeol.

Renjun wanted to say a thing to break the awkward silence between the two of them.



They chuckled when they called each other at the same time.

"You first..." Renjun said.

"U-Uh... I just wanna ask if you're okay? You're a bit quiet..." She looked down and played with the paper she was holding.

Renjun sighed and stood up. He sat beside her and looked away. "It sucks how Baekhyun-hyung can make you smile like that and I can't..." He muttered in his mother tongue.

"W-What did you say?" Her eyes widened upon hearing what the guy said. She understood it. She's Chinese, after all.

Renjun's eyes widened, upon realizing that Ningning is Chinese. "O-Oh, shit..." He took a deep breath. "I guess, there's no need to hide it from you..." He leaned closer.

She leaned her back, her face moving away from Renjun. "H-Huh? What d-did you say?" She asked in Mandarin.

"Are you that dense or am I not that showy?" Renjun sighed. "Ning Yizhuo, I like you..."


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