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"Well now that that's settled..." Percy started. "...we were initially talking about the fate of the aforementioned demititans and the daughter of death." His chest was feeling rather heavy, and since he had actual skin on his chest, the gears seemed to become resistant to it.

"Clockwork, come, you are dismissed." Hephaestus said. Percy was now aware of his slowing gears, his body nearly becoming immobile. "Why?" Percy asked through a clenched jaw.

"He can't feel it?" Poseidon asked, mostly to himself. "Holy schist..." Leo murmered. "That is extreme..."

Hephaestus showed a mirror that glimmered with the reflection of Clockwork. Clockwork with a enormous hole in his breast plate. It gave a full view of the ragged skin and the struggling gears that tried to continue turning but wasn't doing quite well. His heart was working the hardest, beating rapidly, giving the gears the oil they needed to turn. "Courtesy of Lord Poseidon." Percy said, not sounding as alarmed as he probably should.

"I'll be fine. Probably won't move as much as I want to. At least we know what we'd all be looking at if the attack actually did reach Ms.Chase." Percy said, looking at the demigods around him.

His eyes were the only thing that's moving, but he saw them all tense under his gaze. "Leo, you don't happen to have a screwdriver on you?" Leo shrugged and tossed a screwdriver over to Percy.

Percy learned that his body had no screws, and that a lot of tools weren't used when creating him. Hephaestus did more of a transplant, buulding things for Percy's body before playing surgeon. Mostly when things fell apart, they'd be able to come back together. But since things were destroyed, Percy is going to have to readjust everything before he or Hephaestus could fix it properly.

"Okay Milord Zeus. Let's restart. It was a mistake on my part to mention Kenneth Jackson's father. I'll be mindful of that topic from now on. State your case on why we should kill them?" Percy said, he was fiddling with a gap in his arm with the screwdriver. He found the cog he was looking for and plucked it out.


And just like that, the gears turning began working properly again. Poseidon's blast didn't really destroy anything but like water pressure it simply crushed his chest, and since his gears are dam near indestructible-- thanks Hefty, you're a gem -- he just needed to remove the gears that interfered with the functioning ones. Of course, Percy couldn't do it forever but he could do it long enough to make sure he'd be able to go under construction without waking up to find everyone fighting for Olympus dead and Kenneth break-dancing on Zeus' dead corpse.

"Well for one, they are untrustworthy. They are the children of our greatest enemies."

"You are the son of Kronos, do you really want to judge people by their heritage?" Percy said, finding another gear.


"They've decieved you once, and that daughter of death could mean misfortune."

"The daughter of Perses is the only one who decieved us and she still has valuable information. Anything she can tell us will be valuable with all we know. And as for the daughter of death..."

Percy started, followed by another Clink!

"She hasn't proved to be useless, and she is the daughter of Thanatos, she's been ignored by her father all of her childhood, thus why she's alive with so little knowledge of the mythological world. Do you really think that he would actually take her life if we killed her?" Percy said. And to be quite honest, Thanatos was loosing his touch, as Thanatos was in contact with Percy but still managed to lose him to the god of blacksmiths. What's to say he doesn't accidently let her slip and she comes back hating him?

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