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"WELCOME TO THE FIFTH AND final trial," Amun said, looking at the two remaining competitors. "You two have fought a good fight and have made it this far. Due to certain circumstances, the final trial has been changed. Now, your hearts shall be weighed against the feather of Ma'at. The purity of your heart is what determines your passage through this trial. If the scale tips in favour your heart, you have lost. If the scale remains balanced or tips in favour of Ma'at's feather, which is highly unlikely, you have won."

  "Omar, you shall go first," Ma'at said, gesturing for him to take a step forward.

She reached into his chest and pulled out his heart that was still beating and seemed to glow, causing him to stagger backwards. Omar watched with awe, surprised that he was still alive. She placed it on the pan and they all stood in anticipation, watching as the pans moved. It came to a stop as the two pans balanced each other. Ma'at smiled at Omar and returned the heart to his chest.

  "Zaina, you are up next," Amun said, gesturing her over with his hand.

  Omar gave her an encouraging smile, one she ignored.

  Zaina took a step forward smiling sharply as Anubis' eyes widened at her appearance. She was certain she looked different, Mido had said she looked like a goddess of vengeance. She kept her eyes trained on him, not flinching as Ma'at reached in and pulled out her heart. Zaina knew the result already and so paid no attention to the scales. She knew her heart was tainted by hate and it was dark, just like the dress she wore.

  She was not surprised when Amun uttered the following words. "Congratulations Omar Almasi, you have earned your life back."

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