Moonwarriors: In A Blackened Dawn Chapter One; Book Three

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This is the third book in the Moonwarriors Saga.

© Copyright By Rusty Nugent. All Rights Reserved 2015.

Chapter One

The night air was cold and wet as the group of figures ran through the city streets. The traffic was thick due to the coming Thanksgiving holiday and Christmas rush after. Two rows of cars sat idling at the stoplight as the foursome dashed passed on the sidewalk. The first was a huge hulking form of teeth and claws. The second, while much smaller and just as fast was no less dangerous. The long, black trench coat he wore flapping cape like behind him. In addition to the coat, he wore biker motorcycle riding boots, black leather pants, black leather gauntlets and a white shirt in the seventeenth century style with a lace jabot down the front. At his side hung the sword of King Elar in a scabbard.

Behind him, dressed in more casual attire, jeans, sneakers, jackets and baseball caps that had Moonwarriors stitched across the front followed Joshua Samuels and Derek McGee. Werewolves handpicked by Golarin to film the television show. Mary Volknor had come up with the idea and title one night after the defeat of the vampires and gone to the networks with it.

Recognizing who she was and the potential of such a show they jumped at the chance to sign them and a bidding war began. In the end, only one met the high dollar amount she demanded. She wanted to start a family and had to think about their future. So a deal was reached and Moonwarriors was born. It was an immediate success.

The Volknors had become superstars almost overnight which made having children difficult. After moving from Biloxi, Mississippi to Lebanon, Tennessee they had gotten married and produced two offspring, a boy and a girl. The girl, whom they had named Angel was the oldest. Her younger sibling Jonathan was born into the curse of lycanthropy being the first born male.

The children used to play "vampire versus werewolf" when they were two and three years old respectively. It was this game that had been a constant source of argument between the pair.

They fought constantly over who was going to be the wolf and who was going to be the vamp because they both wanted to be the wolf. Whoever played the vampire wore a black, hooded satin cloak that was once part of an old Halloween costume. On one particular game, Jonathan who was playing the werewolf had gotten too into the game and bitten his sister hard, drawing blood. She had screamed, bringing her parents into the room but it was too late. She had been changed.

They had wanted her to choose for herself if she wanted to be human or lycanthrope but now the decision had been made for her. And for them.

So, they had decided to send the kids to Golarin for training at their young ages. As they grew, they visited their parents during the summer and holidays while going to school the rest of the year. Now, their training almost complete and high school finished they were adolescents on the cusp of adulthood.

The Volknors had worried about their children like any other parents, that perhaps the youngsters may do something dangerous or rash but so far they had worried for nothing. In fact it was the opposite. The children were the ones that worried about the parents due to the dangerous and insane things they did. They hoped it stayed that way but knew that someday Angel and Jonathan would come into their own.

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