Where they kiss you (YC)

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His favourite place to kiss you is your forehead, since he's a lot taller than you and you have to lean on your tip-toes to kiss him properly.

Blake loves kissing your lips. He thinks they're simply perfect. He loves catching you off guard and pulling you into a soft kiss, surprising you.

She kisses you nose. You personally don't like it, but she finds it adorable to see your eyes cross and scrunch up your nose.

He kisses your neck. (not like that, ya nastys) Because you find that part of your body really ticklish, Dante LOVES hearing you laugh.

He kisses your hands. Unusual, but when the two of you are walking, he'll pull your hand to his lips. Just a cute lil gesture <3

Simple & traditional, he kisses your cheek. When you come back from school or go to his place, he'll greet you with a kiss on the cheek.

Like Blake, Tj adores kissing your lips. They're just always there, and her first thought. It's just natural for the two of you🥺💓

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