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Hey guys I'm back🙈 I know I'm very late this time but due to my exams I got stuck... Hope you all will understand!


Cabir: Isns't she beautiful?

Manik: (still lost in her smile) very.....
Cabir: (said in teasing tone) Ohoo very Haan!😂

And with this Manik's trance broken and he said...

Manik: (said annoyingly) Cabirrrrr!
And before he could say anything else Abhi along with Fab3 came towards them and said..

Abhi: You jokers what are you guys talking about?

Cabir: Come on! Abhi... If Manbir are together and talking so isn't it obvious which topic was going on! Said while winking...

And Manik chukeld at his statement while Fab3 laughed and abhi nodded his head in disbelief and said..

Abhi: You guys are impossible and cabir I really pity on that girl who spend her rest of the life with you!

Manik: Ohoo bhai..really? Happy realisation haan! 😂 but yeah I need to tell you guys something important said Manik in serious tone... And everyone sense seriousness in his voice gesture him to continue..

Manik: Actually guys... Umm.. Bhai...actually cabir wants to date...umm...i mean he is interested in Males!

Fab4 and Abhi in union: WHATT😨

Alya: Ohh my god cabir that is why you didn't stick to one girl?

Mukti: Sale, kutte tune Humey phle Kyu nhi Btaya?

Druv: You can trust us Cabir..we are always with you no matter what happened, you know this ryt?

Abhi: Cabir really? I mean.. I don't know what I mean.. Uff it's so frustrating...

Cabir: Shut up guys!

And with this Manik's start's laughing like maniac!😂

Manik: oh my god look at your faces guys!😂

Fab3 and abhi was still in shocked state while Cabir was glaring Manik and punched in his stomach...
Manik: Ouch! Cabir what are you doing?😂

Cabir: Shut up you idiot, I mean like seriously? I want to date Males? Like seriously? Idiot Ek toh waise hi Teri wajeh sey Ladki bhav nhi deyti and upar sey yey...

And now finally reality hit Fab3 and Abhi, and they started laughing...

Manik: Aww was just joking man.. I Thought let's have some fun!😂

Cabir: Yeah ryt😏

While seeing cabir face again everyone start laughing!!!


Nandini with Navya and Shivika came towards Abhi who was standing with Fab5 and chit-chatting on some random topic... She came from back and tapped on his Shoulder from back... He suddenly turned and smiled looking towards Nandini and said...

Manan: We can't be together💔Read this story for FREE!