chapter 9

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omniscient pov

"i really wanna go dad. please." ariana begged to her dad after continuously asking to go to the beach with gus and his friends for some type of campfire party.

"he's going to be there so no." he replied taking a sip of his coffee as he turned up the volume of the tv.

"that's so unfair. i gave you my phone, my laptop, and you went through my stuff. what more do you want from me." she groaned crossing her arms standing in front of the tv purposely blocking his view so he would acknowledge her.

"i'm your father, i have the right to do that." he told her moving his head trying to see the football game he was watching before she came downstairs and started this mess.

"okay but do you have the right to keep me locked up in my room like i'm rapunzel? no." ariana replied.

arthur continued to ignore her
taking a sip of his coffee once

"gus is such a good guy you're just blinded by his fucking appearance." ariana continued glaring at him basically burning a hole into his skin with her brown eyes.

"language." he yelled glancing
up at her.

"please let me go dad. my social life will be slaughtered before it even starts." ariana frowned giving him puppy dog eyes trying her best to persuade him.

"can you shut up you're literally so annoying." arthur chimed in also trying
to watch the football game. his words were followed with an eye roll.

"go read your porn stash, idiot" she shot back turning her attention to him then back at their dad.

asher's mouth dropped and his face turned bright red. anger running through his whole body as his father stifled a laugh.

"two can play at that game." he whispered under his breath before turning towards arthur.

"dad, guess who ariana and ava were hanging out with three days ago." asher wickedly smiled. ariana giving a look that basically said 'tell dad and i will make your life a living hell' but that didn't scare him one bit. they were siblings of course they knew each way to get under each other's skin.

"who?" he responded raising an eyebrow not recalling anyone coming
over at all besides his one
new work friend.

"the easter bunny. ariana showed her a bunch of videos of you dressing up in that suit when we were younger." asher said sitting back more into the couch laughing at ariana's facial expression.

she sighed of relief. if she could she would strangle asher right now but she refrained herself from that.

"oh that's fun. now, move you're in
front of the tv." he waved his hand back
and forth trying to make her move.

"no, i'm not moving until you say i
can go."

"jesus" he groaned rubbing his hands over his face as he threw his head back
in annoyance. "whatever, you can go just be back home by one. no later or you will be locked in your room forever." he declared giving her a stern look. "also no kissing, hugging, touching, or even breathing around him or any other boys."

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