Chapter 92

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Zayn kept his promise.

Throughout the night, he kept his hands off Evelyn… Well, not in the literal meaning of the words, because his naked torso was pressed against the fine material of the shirt she wore—his shirt.

She wore his shirt whilst she fell asleep, in his arms. The thought brought a smile to Zayn’s lips when he awoke early that morning. He was also indescribably proud and surprised of himself that he had sufficed through a night without trying anything whilst their bodies were so close, and in such intimate positions as well. He thought for sure he wouldn’t be able to resist temptation and force himself on her despite her resistances; but he didn’t, and he felt exceptionally proud of himself.

The sun peaked through the gaps of Utopia skyline the same time Zayn quietly crawled out from under the covers and sat at the edge of the bed. The content smile on his lips grew wider as he stole a glance of Evelyn, who was still peacefully asleep.

His dark haired angel, asleep in his bed, the angel whom he held throughout the night.

It was the second morning in a row he woke up with Evelyn in his arms. Though, he must admit, he much preferred the way he woke up the morning prior, because there were no material of clothing separating their bodies that night… Her naked body was practically glowing in the sunlight…

She asked for a night of celibacy, and that’s what I gave her, Zayn thought, surprised and pleased with himself.

The temptation alone would have been too strong to resist, he had thought. He expected the night to be completely unbearable and painful to suffice, but it wasn’t. It was pleasant, calming and even pleasurable in a way; all because he had Evelyn in his arms.

He enjoyed sleeping with Evelyn in his arms way more than he anticipated, and to have done it twice, one after another, made him worry that he wouldn’t be able to go back to the emptiness of a vacant bed. He rarely allowed his whores to stay in his room after sex, much less fall asleep in his bed with him.

But Evelyn was different.

He looked over to the clock: 6:12.

It was time for him to go. Jonah really had military reports for Zayn to go through, but they weren’t urgent in anyway; and nothing would ever be urgent enough for him to spontaneously leave Evelyn and allow her to venture a strange and dangerous city she knew next to nothing of…

He dashed out of the bedroom, and on the vanity table next to the entrance to his bedroom, he saw—as he had requested—somebody had left a rectangular box wrapped in fancy, patterned black and gold paper, along with a note pad and a gold pen, placed neatly next to each other.

Zayn picked up the pen and scripted down elegant letters that formed swirling words…


My dear Evie,

               Have fun in Utopia today. There should be a gift wrapped box next to you on the bed when you wake up, placed right under this letter; you should find it no problem, if you do have trouble finding it, then we’ll have a problem. You’ll find that I have a gift in place for you, inside the box—it’s not the heart of one of your loved ones, don’t worry—and along with that gift is a little black credit card. Unlimited fund. Buy anything you want, dine wherever you want, do whatever that you want. There’s a driver downstairs who will take you into the city, and anywhere you want to go.

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