2 - New kid on the block: Pt 2

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Previously on New kid on the block: Pt 1


"not so fast bad guys!" Flash yelled

"back off! Green's my thing" Lanter shouted sending a green holographic fist to Metallo, which hit him right in the kisser, Cheetah and Grundy growled, as Superman looked around

"where's Batman?" He questioned

"said he had to take care of an emergency" Wonder Woman replied...



"Harley Quin here! Documenting another classic criminal capper!" Harley Quin exclaimed holding her phone while skating over to Joker who was currently rooting around in a pile of junk

"And now the star of this show! Mistah J!" She exclaimed again as Joker groaned in frustration


"We just stole some neato stuff, previously procured by Wayne tech... Mistah J and I love a good 'ROBIN'!" (I see what they did there)

"takin' from all those suckers that are too honest to steal!" she giggled skating around the junk pile which Joker emerged from

"no, No, NO! IT'S NOT HERE, It's not here!" Joker screamed as Harley came up beside him holding out the camera like she was taking a selfie

"Awe c'mon puddin, Say something funny for our viewers!"

"Not now Pumpkin can't you see I'm busy!" He retaliated scrounging again, Harley turned off her phone hiding it away in one of her pockets.

"Here take this!" Joker shouted tossing her a strange box that was pure gold, with engravings, and a shiny light on top of it

"Ooooh, Pretty! Whatever it is!" Harley marveled turning the box around in her hands, Suddenly a Black jet Only know as the Bat Mobile but turned into a Jet flew overhead

"Nowhere to run Joker" A voice that could only be known as Batman's spoke as he clicked a button on his control panel, Harley Spotted the Jet obviously in time but

"Er Puddin'.How about we get on the Chopper?" Harley nervously suggested as Joker threw his arms up

"Relax! He'l Never hit us from waaaaaay up there" Joker reassured starting to walk away slightly his hands behind his back as Harley quietly panicked behind him, Just then a net surrounded them trapping them and lifting them in the air.

"Two with one shot, Not bad" Batman complimented himself as he flew off, well turns out he was flying around during Grundy and Green Lanterns Fight, GL had Grundy in a green transparent hand, He threw Grundy at himself a large green baseball in hand, GL knocked Grundy right into Batman's jet which caused him to crash, GL Gasped and quickly hid the bat, that was much larger than him, behind his back whistling as if nothing happened. Harley and Joker got out of the net and as Joker struggled with a bit of the netting Harley Jumped on top of the glass dome-thingy that was above and protecting/trapping Batman, she giggled

"Say "Cheese" B-Man" He shouted taking a selfie with him, she yelped as Batman opened the dome, Just then the Bell Tower Struck... I really don't know.

"Sounds like you're out of time, Bats! Hahahahahahah!" Joker cackled pulling out a pocket watch only to throw it somewhere off the roof they were on. Batman Groaned stumbling a bit thanks to the crash but came too just in time as Grundy tried to tackle Batman but he shot a grappling hook up to a part of the roof which got him away in the nick of time as Grundy climbed up after him.

"Gee Mistah J! The Jokercopter's an awfully long way up there. How're we gonna reach it?" Harley questioned
"Well it's so simple Kiddo! we go UP! While keeping our heads DOWN, We climb to the TOP while keeping a LOW profile" Joker happily explained As they started to ascend upwards

-Time Skip-

Harley And Joker somehow got up the Bell Tower and into a Jokercopter, They hung from the ladder laughing their faces off watching the fight below

"Good thing they're to busy fightin' those goofs" Harley giggled
Metallo shot a laser beam at Superman
Wonder Woman had Mercy and another prisoner tied up in her golden lasso but were quickly freed thanks to Grundy punching Wonder Woman

"They don't got time to stop us. Eh, Mistah j?" Harley questioned taking out her phone and recording everything while Joker just giggled as the flew around as the fight ensued, but sadly Metallo was flying Mercy around and they weren't watching where they were going so they ran right into the Jockercopter causing it to crash.

Down bellow the fight grew more intense but everything paused as a new group of heroes arrived
"Hold it right there you vile villains of villainy" One of the men in the group shouted, they looked like the Justice League, but, different, they completely exonerated recked the villains as they came face to face with what seemed to be their counterparts

"Who are you?" Superman questioned coming up to his counterpart who was currently dragging Metallo across the concrete flooring

"I am Ultraman, and these are my friends the Justice Syndicate, Owlman, Superwoman, Grid, Johnny Quick,Power Ring, and Sea King" Ultraman introduced, The Justice League crowded around Superman trying to get a good look at the other team

"There's something Familiar about these guys" Flash whispered as Ultraman Stepped up to Superman

"We're here to help" Ultraman retaliated holding out his hand only for Superman to shake it.

(And I think that's the End of New Kid On The Block, I hope you enjoyed SEE YA LATER!)

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