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This was my first movie Atl, At first I was nervous but then I realized The Twins, Jackie, and Tip where all going to be in the movie. Those were my friends from high school we were the trouble bunch, until I was the one to get kicked out of Pasadena! *sigh* As I thought about it. How was I the only one to get expelled? I was the only one to get caught. Growing up I was a bit of a hot head .. you feel me ? I was either Skipping or getting into it with a teacher. I hated any type of authority until the last time my mom found out how I haven't been going to school thanks to Principal Johnson.
His bald head ass knew what he was doing! My mom was so fed up she literally home schooled me! She did that so she had close tabs and proof that I was home and doing my work. It was the Worse School year of my life! *OKAY SNAP BACK INTO THE PRESENT LAUREN That was the past sis!* I said to myself.
I walked into the building where we were practicing reading our lines! I looked around to see if I could spot any body I knew when I saw this tall darkskinned dude with a skimp head I turned to realize it was Jackie! I walked up from behind and slapped his head
Jackie: "Aye who the fu-" he paused
Jackie- "haha you got jokes huh? You haven't grew either leprechaun"
We both reach for a hug laughing!
We heard Cackling and yelling coming down the halls "UNT UNT UNT, I KNOW YALL AINT GET THE PARTAAAAY STARTED WITH OUT US DA FUCK !!" Them loud ass Twins still the same but those were my girls! We all walked into this small box room where Tip was already sitting down.
"Took y'all long enough" Tip Said.
"Well hey to you to the fuck" I said
He sucked his teeth passing out our lines. I had to play a girl named Erin "New New" I continued to read noticing I had to have some type of ghetto love interest with Tip who play Rashad... I wasn't up for the games it was just BUSINESSES ONLY! Tip use to have a crush on me but I always dodged him. He was like a brother and sometimes I feel bad but now he's seeing some chick named Tameka... I guess

  * I will not be ending this story off sad! I just cant do it. I've always loved them and their relationship that I will be continuing with this story! Some things did not happen in real btw! This book isn't made to disrespect their relationship*  RIP NIPSEY💙
Sorry for any grammar errors !

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