46: Diner

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Our parents had thrown us a little party, when we came home from the hospital, in celebration of Arden's birth, as well as for us leaving the hospital happy and healthy. I was able to take time off from work and from school to be with Mitch, Arden and Wesley, but that time came and went so quickly and before we knew it, life went back to normal, but with the added bonus of our little girl.
Arden's a month old now and such an angel that it genuinely shocked us. According to Mitch, our friends and his parents, Wesley, though an angel, was clingy and always had to be with Mitch when he was a baby. Arden, however, seemed to be very independent and was more than okay with just sitting in her rocker while she watched Wes play.

When I came home from work, Wesley greeted me with a hug and led me to the nursery to see Mitch and Arden sitting on the rocking chair. He was feeding her until we walked in and his smile made me practically grin like an idiot.
"Hey you," he greeted as I leaned down and kissed him. "How was work?"
"Good. How're you? How's my baby girl doing?"
He slowly handed me Arden and I smiled when she blinked up at me. Her facial features were so prominent and it took everything in my power not to squish and pinch her cute little chubby cheeks.
"She's an absolute angel, Scottie." Mitch started, tying his long hair into a bun. "During her first nap, Seth came over and took Wesley to physical therapy and I got the chance to take a nap,"
"Yeah?" I glanced up. "Sleep well?"
"So well," he nodded and sat back down. "Seth said Wes is doing great, therapy wise. The report is on the kitchen counter if you want to look at it,"
"Sure," I turned and praised Wesley for doing so well during therapy. I suggested burgers and ice cream for dinner and he gasped, nodding excitedly as he grabbed Mitch's hand to pull him to his feet.
"Come on, Daddy!" He squealed. "Ice cream!"
Mitch chuckled, "you need a bath first, Mister. You smell,"
"Daddy smells!" He replied, looking up at me and I rolled my eyes, chuckling.
"Daddy is also taking you to get ice cream, so you better be nice to him," I replied, crouching and meeting Wesley's bright eyes. "Got it?"
"Stinky!" Mitch laughed when Wesley giggled and pushed my face away.
"Okay, that's it!" After handing Arden back to Mitch, I chased Wesley down the hall and grabbed him as he ran into Mitch and I's bedroom. He screamed when I picked him up and gently tossed him onto the bed, grabbing his feet and dragging him to the edge to tickle him.
"No!" He laughed adorably, causing my smile to light up. "Bad!"
I mimicked an evil laugh, "I win! I finally took down Captain Wes!" I stood on the bed and cheered as Mitch walked in. I danced in place until Wesley slid off the bed and sprinted into his room. Mitch and I shared a curious look until our toddler returned wearing his cape and carrying the foam sword he loved to play with.
"Never!" He screamed, climbing onto the bed, with Mitch's help, before hitting my stomach with his sword.
I pretended to be in pain as I fell to my knees and landing on my side, admitting defeat to the superhero my son is.
"You win, Captain Wesley!" I coughed, struggling to hide my smile as Wesley and Mitch cheered. "But you still need a bath," I grabbed him as I rolled off the bed and he laughed, his arms around my neck. "Come on; shower time, my little superhero."


We sat at a booth by the window and as Wesley excitedly snacked on his fries, Mitch often checked on Arden as she slept in her stroller.
"She's fine, my love," I started, causing him to look up. "Relax,"
He sighed, nodding. "You're right, sorry. I guess I'm just a little freaked out, it's all,"
"What's going on?" I gave Wesley my phone to play with, so Mitch and I could talk.
Mitch shook his head, "My mom-instincts are kicking in, I guess,"
I raised an eyebrow, "what do you mean?"
He shrugged again, "you know that feeling of someone staring at you?"
"Yes?" I looked behind him and shook my head, "There's no one behind you, babe,"
"I- I know, it's just— I feel weird. Like someone's watching us,"
"It's a ghost!" Wesley chirped, causing us to laugh. I smiled and wrapped my arm around him and ruffled his hair. "No!" He giggled, pushing my hands away. "Daddy!"
"I can't believe I have two toddlers," Mitch joked, causing me to laugh again. "You boys better sit still and finish your dinner before we get kicked out,"
"I'm gonna kick you out!" Wesley replied, his adorable little smile shining brightly.
"I'm gonna kick your butt!" I replied, tickling him before lifting him onto my lap and sliding him his plate. "Now eat."
"You eat!"
"No, you eat!" Wesley leaned back against my chest as he ate and after making sure he was content, I looked back up at Mitch. "You okay?"
He nodded, giving me a cute little smile. "Yeah, I'll be fine, don't worry."


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