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"We send her to school thinking shes safe." The mom, Jenn said.

"And something like this happens." The dad Bill said.

"I know what you mean. I never know what I send these kids and people home to. Its hard. Sometimes things like this have to happen." Amanda said sitting the couple down.

"Can you please remember what Layton was wearing today?" Olivia asked.

"She had dark jeans on. And-And a pink shirt with a black scarf and brown boots." Jenn said fiddling with Layton's school picture.

"Well call you in if we find anything out." Amanda said standing up.

"Thank you." Bill said taking his wife's hand.

Olivia walked in to Danielle's room that she was in,in the station.

"Hey." Olivia said taking Danielle's thoughts.

"Oh- Hi." Danielle responded.

"How you doing?" Olivia asked seeing Danielle's face.

"I couldn't even help Layton. Or my self. The worst part is when Layton called out to me when I first walked in. I thought she was hurt or having a problem. But them he jumped out. He was so big and I couldn't fight him off." Danielle tried to explain.

"Its not your fault you did everything you can. I would probably have done the same thing." Olivia admitted. "I'll call you if we know anything. Hang in there"

"Thanks. Means a lot." Danielle said.

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