Chapter 1: The New Kids

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As they caught his eye, Mikolas Josef was immediately stunned. Head to toe in spikes and leather accessories galore, the new Icelandic kids sure were different.
"Hey Ari, you seen these guys?" Mikolas whispers as his best friend gathers his textbooks.
"What g-"
Ari Oláfsson, a shy, uneasy freshman, is cut off before almost jolting at the sight of these alternatively fascinating but- to him- very terrifying newbies.

There they were, standing outside student reception, grasping the gazes of all the curious students at Euro High. Three boys they were, the tallest one wearing a mask over his mouth; making him look mysterious and eerie. The shorter guy chatting to him had the sides of his sandy brown hair shaved, paired with red eyeshadow and some equally interesting gothic fashion. And finally there was the confusingly hot one engaging in their talk, his chestnut hair swept back from his grey-blue eyes, a spiked collar caressing his neck.

Ari's blood ran cold. He had never seen such intimidating pupils at Euro High before, but a part of him still felt determination to say hi and make them feel welcome. Mikolas adjusted his glasses before looking back at Ari.
"Looks like someone's flaking on their reputation..." he muttered, nudging him and letting out a teasing giggle.
"W-what's that supposed to mean?!" he snapped.
"You're supposed to the the whole 'friendly, welcoming tour guide guy' whenever we get new kids and look at you. You wanna avoid these guys like the plague." He sniggered, raising his eyebrow at the Blond Icelandic- who's face was beginning to flush scarlet.
"Oh really?"

Ari snapped his locker shut and shuffled over to the nightmarish teens hanging out in the shadows of the hallway, his whole body quivering but fighting to keep moving forward. He began to immediately regret his decisions when the gothic trio noticed him standing there.
"U-u-h h-hey! I noticed you were new here and uh I could show you around if you um needed me to..." he quivered, his eyes wrenched shut and his head facing the ground. He began to notice the long silence and decided it was best to leave.
"O-or not, you probably don't actually need me. M-my mista-"
He was cut off before a surprisingly sweet voice answered back with a cheery but aluring tone,
"Actually, that'd be great!"

Kostya, Nikita, Benji, Ari and Mikolas- 'The Five Guys' as the rest of the school new them as- met up at lunch, chilling on one of the picnic tables under the pale orange sun of that spring afternoon.
"I think someone met some new friends today" announced Miki, glancing towards a smiling Ari.
"Yeah, no surprise really. You're always meeting new people." replied Kostya as he poked at his Caesar salad with his fork, slightly envious of Ari's optimism.
"You guys know the new Icelandics?" Ari says, waiting for the uproar of reaction.
"Wait you mean- like the- with all the-" Benji replies, his eyes widening by the second.

"You'll be surprised to now that... they're actually super friendly!" Ari said, barely containing this joy.
"Wait so they DIDN'T try to sacrifice you?" Nikita asked. The whole group burst into laughter.
"What? It was a perfectly justifiable question, these guys look like Satanists." Nikita Alekseev, the oldest but easily the shortest kid in the group, was definitely the anxious type- with a pinch of pessimistic.
"Calm down Niki," Kostya reassured him, "I mean, the nicest people tend to intimidate you until you actually get to know them! Remember first meeting me?"

This was true. The group were determined to get Kostya Bocharov, a quiet, mysterious goth at the back of English class, to join their group; despite the fact that he sure did seem like a misfit at first. A white contact in one eye and head to toe in nothing but black, he felt a little hard to get close to at first. However, soon catching him laughing at cat videos after school sure did tell them that Kostya was the one- The Five Guys were complete.

At the end of the day, Benji Ingrosso was confused to see students rushing to the theatre. He caught up with a friend of his, Donny Montell, and asked what was going on.
" It's the new kids. They've rented out the theatre after school and they're having a freaking concert!" Donny said excitedly, his curly blond hair swishing as he talked. Benji decided that, since he was popular, that he'd like to be seen at these types of events. He actually used to hang out with the popular kids, but found much more happiness with The Five Guys, therefore sacrificing some of the limelight; but it was worth it. He rushed along with Donny, beginning to become confused to as why there were rave lights flashing through the double doors.

As they got there, the room was pitch black but accompanied by flashing lights of red green and blue all around. Sure enough, the Icelandics were on stage- sporting some quite explicit gothic, almost BDSM-like gear. Techno music blared through the threatre's speakers before the chestnut-haired boy, known as Matthias, picked up the microphone. The audience was shocked at the growling screams that were emerging from this teen- his lyrics about spreading hate and Europe dying. It was scary, it was hardcore, it was brutal, but by the chorus, everyone was dancing. Matthias' screams paired with Klemens' angelic but eerie harmonies and Einar's aggressive drumming made the whole thing come together. These were some of the most amazing students Euro High had ever encountered.

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