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Okay, im so sorry for not being here for so long, and i know u guys thought probably that i was dead, bt at your loss, im not :))

And i know that there r a lot of requests who r being impatient but i cant remember them all or just even try to write it.

So here is my relaxation.

Laflams w burr during war.

:333 uwu


Pls dont murder me.

And that is lowkey for lilytagici

Cuz i made short lowkey angst for her:

Cuz i made short lowkey angst for her:

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Aaron Burr has been watching John Laurens lately.

Not that the boy was unusually attractive but he was more, more weirder of how he was acting.

Constant flirting with Hamilton and Lafayette.

Not as if it was bothering him, he was actually amused.

But why is he getting attracted to him?

He sometimes could hear his footsteps  during his watch out.

In case if any british soldier would be here.

He actually caught him sneaking from his tent.

John told him that it was his turn to watch out.


Burr once had followed him and found him sneaking in Hamilton's tent.

That was reasonable, they both were writing essays against slavery.

Sometimes, he saw Hamilton and Laurens sneaking into General Lafayette tent.

Sometimes Lafayette and Laurens would do the same to Hamilton.

(Im listening to cell block tango from Chicago the musical and the innocent is like 'uh oh' and im like 'daMN')

Even sometimes Lafayette and Hamilton would sneak into Laurens tent.

So he took up enough of courage and followed when Hamilton and Lafayette went to Laurens tent.

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