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"Are you ready to lose, Justin?" Shawn smirked in a cocky manner. Justin had promised after this rehearsals that he'd take Shawn to play hockey and Shawn was so excited to finally get out on the ice with Justin again. It's been awhile since the last time they've played.

"I'm ready to lose to myself? Yeah. To you? Nah bro." Justin laughed as he pulled on his ice jersey.
Shawn stuck out his tongue playfully. "I think I can beat you this time."

Justin made a weird face and took on his brother's challenge. "Oh really?" He asked, sneakily recording his brother.

"Really." Shawn smirked and leaned against the railing. Justin chuckled to himself and began talking into the phone. "This guy thinks he can beat me at hockey, nah bro."

"Are you filming me? Stop it." Shawn backed up slightly and covered his face. Justin got up and grabbed his arm and pulled it away from his face, laughing as his brother squirmed.

"Just because you're handsome and shit doesn't mean you can beat me at hockey." He started giving Shawn a noogie, messing up his hair. Shawn squirmed underneath Justin's hold, trying his hardest to get away.

"J-justy!!" He groaned, a little more whiny than he liked but life goes on. Justin continued to hold his brother in a tight hold and noogie him. He finally let go and Shawn started to fix his hair, sighing in irritation. Unfortunately Justin wasn't finished with his tricks as one hand sneakily made it's way into the back of Shawn's pants, gripping his underwear.

"No, no, no. Justin!" Shawn squirmed as Justin pulled his briefs up his back, giving him an annoying wedgie. "No what? Not high enough?" he said as he continued to torment his little brother's bottom. Shawn reached behind him, trying to get his underwear out of Justin's grip and was failing terribly.

Shawn whined and tried to push his brother again and Justin simply tugged harder, making Shawn bite his lip. "S-stop!"

"What do you think you have to say, Mendes?" Justin grinned evilly and began to slightly bounce his brother by his briefs since Shawn was kneeling. "O-ow! I d-don't know!" He panicked, this was beginning to hurt his backside and he wanted Justin to let go of him.

"I think you do know, kiddo." Justin held Shawn for another moment before tugging again. Shawn clenched his cheeks and gasped, whining in pain as he closed his eyes tightly against the pain in his rear. "I think we could get an atomic going, you'd look nice in an undie hat, Shawnie."

Shawn gave up and some of the tears made their way out of their docks. Shawn cursed internally at that and gripped his brothers arm, holding tightly for comfort. Justin noticed that after some pulling that his brother was rather silent. He lifted up his curls from his face and noticed the tears.

Feeling bad, he stopped pulling and fixed his brother's wedgie for him. Shawn snatched away from his brother and quickly tried to regain his composure and wipe away his tears of humiliation and frustration. He went over to his hockey stick and began to play with it a little, just twirling it slightly.

"I didn't mean to make you cry, kiddo." Justin came over to Shawn and wrapped an arm around him, pulling him close. Shawn backed up harshly with a glare, "Why would I cry over a stupid wedgie?" he grumbled and leaned back away from Justin. Justin smirked internally because he knew that's exactly why he was crying.

He grabbed Shawn by his jersey and pulled him close again. "Hey." he said as he pressed a kiss onto the side of his head. Shawn simply shook his head and tried to back away again, grunting in frustration when Justin wouldn't let him go. "Let go of me." He yelled, he yelped when Justin's palm collided against his bottom. Tears sprung back up in Shawn's eyes and he glared at Justin.

Justin sighed and pulled Shawn into his lap. Shawn's face lit up a bright red and he tried to get up. Justin snickered to himself and began to bounce his brother, rubbing his shoulder gently. "Where are you trying to run to, baby?" Justin asked, purposely teasing his little brother who was frantically looking around the small locker room, making sure no one was in eye sight.

"Justin stop! What if someone sees this?" he whined. He felt as though someone seeing him sit on his big brother's lap would be one of the most embarrassing things ever for the almost twenty-year-old. Justin kissed Shawn's cheek repeatedly, adding fuel to the fire. "I don't really care, kiddo. I can cuddle my baby brother who I'm about to beat at Hockey all I want." he smiled and kissed Shawn's jawline again before letting him up.

"Let's go, kiddo. You're about to lose." Justin teased childishly and went towards the ice. Shawn glared at him and went quickly behind him onto the ice. Justin was being his usual show-off self and began to do triple figure 8's on the ice. Shawn watched him and shook his head, laughing to himself but proud of his big brother in a way. He really admired Justin and tried to be like him, but sometimes that didn't end too well.

"Watch this, bro." Shawn called and tried to do one of those jumping twirls on the ice. Being the clumsy boy he was, he underestimated his landing and fell face first onto the ice. Justin's heart skipped a beat as he made his way over to his brother, grabbing his face gently.

Shawn's lip was split slightly and his nose was bleeding a little bit. His eyes glossed over and he was trying his hardest not to cry even though he was in a lot of pain. Tears slipped from their docks and he began crying silently, "I-it hurts."

"Shhh." Justin said simply as he helped Shawn up, guiding him into the bathroom. He helped him take off his sport gear and he walked him to the sink. Justin grabbed some tissue and held it against Shawn's nose, applying pressure to clot the blood.

"Keep it there, baby boy." Justin murmured, rubbing Shawn's back. Shawn nodded his head, eyes beginning to turn red from crying. He was embarrassed because there were others out on the ice who probably saw him fall. Shawn hiccuped and sucked on his bleeding lip, trying to make it stop hurting.

Justin continued to hold Shawn close, rocking him slightly to calm him down. "J-justin, I'm so embarrassed." he sniffled and Justin simply kissed his cheek, feeling bad for his little brother.

"You're okay, people fall. It's normal." Justin reassured to calm Shawn's nerves. The nose bleed finally ceased and Justin helped Shawn to the sink to rinse his bloody face. As the water ran on his face, Justin rubbed it to clean some build up off. Shawn winced as his lip was a little sore.

"I-Is it bad?" Shawn asked while the water ran. Justin simply shook his head. "No baby, your lip is a little bit busted but it's not too bad." he finished up Shawn's face with the water and wiped him up with a towel. "Did you wanna go back out on the ice?" Justin asked after pulling Shawn into his lap. Shawn simply buried his face into Justin's neck and remained silent as Justin rocked him slowly.

"I take that as a no." Justin chuckled, kissing Shawn's forehead in the process. "Maybe another time and you won't get so over zealous this time, huh?" Justin laughed as Shawn blushed heavy and shut his eyes, falling asleep.

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