I didn’t remember much after being leaped on; whoever had attacked me had made sure I had blacked out by banging my head to the floor several times. A sharp pain had surged through my head, my eyelids heavy and drawn over my eyes not long after.

I wasn’t too sure how much time had passed when I slowly opened my eyes, a light shining down on me, the rest of the room dark. I wasn’t too sure where I had been taken too, but I assumed I was still in the mall, not that I could really tell. I noticed my arms and legs were tied meaning there wasn’t much movement I could do.

“Who the fuck are you!? And where’s Elijah!?” I shout, wanting answers, though I know it was less than likely for anyone to answer. 

It seemed Elijah had been watching me for quite some time as his voice corrupted from within the darkness, “Calm down, Emily.” 

I turned to look for him, but failed to make out his figure in the shadows, but I knew very well he would be able to see me.

“No, I don’t want to be here,” I snapped again.

“If you get too angry you’ll only lose control, you don’t just transform once every month.”

Sighing heavily, I lowered my head, my lips straightening, my eyes closing as I calmed myself. Exhaling, I raised my head again, my grey eyes re-opening. “Who’s doing this to us?” I ask.

“I’m not too sure, I suspect it to be a Devotio,” he answered. He didn’t seem panicked not at all, if anything he seemed to be calm, I hadn’t any idea as to how. 

“Those cursy people?” 

“Correct,” he laughed at my use of words. 

I wasn’t too sure as to why they would have wanted me; it wasn’t as if I had done anything to anger them. It had been Elijah who had been the cause of a majority of them dying off. 

“How do we get out?” I asked, but then regretted doing so, if he’d known then surely he’d be out himself. 

“I have no idea, I could have just broke these ropes, but it seems whoever tied them has done them pretty tight.”

I rolled my eyes as I stared up at the light, it blinded me slightly, but I didn’t care much, I had other problems than my lack of eyesight. Lowering my head, I turned to look around and, to no avail; I saw nothing, nothing at all. I figured they’d be in soon, even if it was just to check that we were still there. 

I sat for what seemed like forever, my breathing shallow and heavy as I waited on something, anything. Eventually I heard footsteps echoing, I suspected the room to be big, meaning we were most likely to be in the storage rooms of the mall. 

The figure approached, it sounded like it did anyway, the footsteps light. I then noticed another pair that entered the room only moments after. The first figure stepped out into the light, a smirk spreading over their lips as they looked over to me. Too my surprise Sandra stood before me, her eyes dark and mischievous as she looked me over. 

I had expected her to be evil, but not this evil.

“You,” I spat, my jaw clenching as my eyes darkened.

“Yes, it’s me,” she answered, a laugh following. 

“You’re a Devotio?” I questioned. 

“Sandra isn’t,” she spoke in third person, this taking me by surprise. “She doesn’t even exist.”

Without another word I saw her change before my very eyes, her blonde locks now curled, the colour changing a dark shade of ginger. Her skin was much paler, her eyes a misty blue. She must have grown four or five inches in height, her body slimming slightly.

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