one - harry

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two – harry

The lace had started feeling quite uncomfortable against Harry’s stiffened member.

            He hadn’t been counting the seconds his eyes were fixed on the stranger in Liam’s office. His eyes were cerulean blue, oh so blue, he could practically swim in them, with a light, scruffy beard around his cheeks and thin, bold lips, that seemed to form sentences that made people’s blood freeze. He suddenly started feeling quite self – conscious, feeling under-dressed in front of such a handsome man, and this wasn’t his favorite costume to put on. He didn’t even hear what Liam had to say about him, too busy staring at the stranger.

            “Precious, huh?” Harry snapped out of his thoughts when he heard what he assumed to be the stranger’s voice. Smooth, metallic. He would love to hear it groaning his name, but now, these were such inappropriate thoughts to be thinking about, right Harry?

            “Well, it’s a very imaginative stage name, I suppose.” Liam spoke, stroking Sophia’s thigh, “Anyway, this is no such way to be entering my office, Harry, especially when I have guests, but we’ll talk about this later,” he continued, and Harry was sure he had never felt more embarrassed in his life, not even when he had first performed on stage back when he was fourteen. “This is Louis Tomlinson, he will be working with us for the rest of our stay, we haven’t discussed the rest of his contract yet, but. He will be attending tonight’s performance and just observe how we work so he can begin from tomorrow night. It would be quite helpful if you showed him around, made him feel like home.”

            And maybe suck his cock, you’d like that, wouldn’t you Harry?, Harry shook his, trying to get the voice to stop playing games with his mind, “Uhm, I – I guess I could, Mr. Payne.” He said instead, forcing a shy smile to Liam and feeling Louis’ piercing blue eyes fixed on him, “Where will his room be?”

            “Right next to yours, of course.”

            There was an awkward silence between the two boys as they walked through the ginormous tent towards the rooms of the performers. Harry walked on the front, guiding the man until they finally arrived in front of the younger boy’s room, a light, wooden door with pink, cursive letters and a whole bunch of glitter on them, the word ‘Precious’ written on them, “Why ‘Precious’?” Louis asked suddenly, startling the smaller boy.

            “Uhm, I – “ Harry began, usually he was always so bold and ready to answer every question, but this never happened to him, Well only when you talk to older, scruffy men, that you want them to bend you and spank your bottom, right Harry? “That – that is the name most of the people who came to see us first called me, and then it just stayed, I suppose.”

            “Interesting,” Louis murmured, opening the door to reveal his own room. It was still empty, however Liam had told him to bring suitcases from home, in order to have his own clothes to wear. Harry was wondering if they were going to give him a costume just like he wore, although he didn’t even know what Louis’ talent was. He didn’t even know what to refer him as.

            “Uhm, your – your things will be here from the moment you bring them in, the girls are going to tidy them up, and – and then you’ll also have your name on the door, just – just like mine…” Harry stuttered, looking down at his bare feet. The corset hugged tight against his love – handles that he so hard tried to lose, but as much as he cut back his nutrition, nothing happened.

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