40. Damian's Birthday part 3

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~~~Tim's point of view~~~
I talked with the Siren as Damian ate food and chatted with his classmates. He glared at me, obviously jealous. I just continued to talk to Y/n since it was clear and understood that we wouldn't do anything.

~~~Damian's point of view~~~
Mb/n walked up to me with a bowl of strawberries.
"Hi Dami," She squeaked.
"Hello Mb/n," I sighed silently.
"You should sing more often, maybe you could even sing a song about me," She twirled her rainbow locks with her fingers.
"Hmm," I hummed.
"Want a strawberry?" She asked, picking one up and taking a small bite from it.
Seeing where this was going, I responded, "No thank you."
"Are you sure?" She leaned in closer.
"Yes," I stood up and backed away, nervously glancing at Y/n who was playing a few chords on her guitar, not watching the current situation.
"Are you absolutely positive?" She asked.
"I am very confid—," I was cut off by Mb/n's lips attaching themselves to mine. I saw a flash and pushed Mb/n off me, but someone had gotten a picture of the kiss. It was Jackson. He immediately started tapping on his phone.
"I'm sure my friend and your GIRLFRIEND will be happy to see this," he glared at me. I remembered that he and Y/n used to be close friends. 'Oh no,' I thought.
I looked over at Y/n who was looking at her phone, covering her mouth. She looked like he was trying not to cry. She put down her guitar, got up, and walked into the house.

~~~Tim's point of view~~~
I walked into the kitchen and heard quiet sobbing. I peeked in and saw Y/n trying to breath and not let too many of her tears fall. "Y/n what's wrong?" I bolted in and gently grabbed her. She just showed me her phone. It had a picture of Damian kissing Mb/n or more like her forcing herself upon him.
"I know she's the one kissing him, but it still hurts," her voice cracked.
"Go change okay? Wash your face, hair, change back into Y/n." I told her. "I'll be there in a couple minutes. I'll get your stuff and tell people the Siren has left."
"Thanks Tim," she sighed, heading up to her room. I went outside and grabbed her stuff, grabbed Dick since he would probably be able to help her right now, and put her guitar and case in her studio.
"Hey Timbo, what do you need?" Dick asked. I showed him Y/n's phone. "Oh," he nodded and headed up to her room.

~~~Dick's point of view~~~
I knocked on Y/n's door.
"It's not locked," a sad voice called from inside. I walked inside and Y/n was wearing jeans and an oversized t-shirt. Damian's! I smirked slightly, knowing that Y/n loved Damian so much.
"I saw the picture," I rubbed the back of my neck.
"I assumed," she sniffled.
"Hey, don't cry. Here, I have an idea. Why don't we make you so pretty he can't take his eyes off you, even though he can't already." I laughed lightly, remembering all the times I watched Damian eye Y/n lovingly.
"Alright," she smiled weakly.
I looked through her dresses which Barbara had bought her, despite Y/n's wishes. I picked out a flowery one and had her put it on, Y/n braided and curled some of her hair, and I helped her do some light makeup and hide her red eyes. Y/n slipped on a pair of sandals and we headed downstairs.

 Y/n slipped on a pair of sandals and we headed downstairs

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