39. Damian's Birthday part 2

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Author's note:
       Please don't start the music until I say so. Thank you.
               ~ The Silver Angel

~~~Damian's point of view~~~
       I knew that Y/n wouldn't want to swim, so I went and got changed before following Grayson I'm out to the backyard where I was "surprised" by all my classmates who had come for a pool party.

~~~Your point of view~~~
       You waited for one of Damian's brothers to tell you to come out. About 5 minutes after you heard loud cheering, Tim came and led you out to the backyard porch where you would play guitar and sing. You handed him the flash drive and he plugged it into his. Unfortunately, Mb/n was here, you didn't know why, but she was here and trying to grab at Damian. She spotted you and began to point and cheer. "The Siren!"
You chose to ignore her for now. "Where's the birthday boy?" You smiled cheerfully. Someone pushed Damian forward. "Happy Birthday Damian Wayne! Now let's get this party started!" You pumped your fist in the air.

~~~Some Songs you performed~~~
1. "Want to want me" ~Jason Derulo

2. "Glad You Came" ~The Wanted

3. "Your Love's Like" ~Sabrina Carpenter

4. "Waiting for Love" ~Avicii

5. "I Love You" ~Loving Caliber

~~~Your point of view~~~
"Do you want something to drink?" Someone asked you while you were taking a break. You recognized the voice; it was Tim. Turning, you saw that he was wearing blue jeans and a green collared shirt.
       "Yes please," you smiled.
       "Follow me," Tim grinned, leading you to a table with beverages and snacks. Tim handed you a glass of F/d (favorite drink).
       "Thanks," you took the cup from him. "Any song requests?"
       "No, not really," he shrugged.
       "Yeah, okay," you drank some of your F/d.
       "Hi Siren!" came a high pitched squeal. You tensed slightly.
       "Hello," you smiled kindly, turning to see Mb/n.
       "Can I request a song?" She asked excitedly.
       "Sure," you nodded.
       "Can you and Tim do another song together as you did at the gala?" she asked.
       "That's up to him, but I would be happy too," you told her.
       "I don't mind. What song?" Tim shrugged.
       "Yay! How about 'What lovers do'?" She squeaked. Of course, she had to choose a love song.
       "I'll see you on the porch," Tim nodded.
       "Yay! I'll tell everyone you two are doing a duet! Everyone already thinks you two are dating!" She ran off. You and Tim tensed.
       "Wait, they think we're dating?" You asked him.
       "You heard it too?" Tim was shocked.
       "For the record, I don't like you like that," you told him.
       "The feeling's mutual. I love you like a sister and best friend, but not romantically." He agreed.
       "Right. I need to get my guitar. You should tell Damian before he finds out the wrong way." You headed towards the house.

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