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Warnings/ heated make out session

Ben x reader


Thank you to -Sarxa because she gave me the idea for this 😭 thank you love 💓

Thank you to -Sarxa because she gave me the idea for this 😭 thank you love 💓______________

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Ben's POV:

"Ya know, me and klaus went to the supermarket yesterday, and I was talking to him about grapes, and they literally kicked us out because he was talking to me. They thought he was a total crackhead." She laughed with the brightest smile.

I smiled as y/n went on with her story.

We had so much in common. We're almost like twins... except that would be weird because we're together but, we were basically the same, both dead and completely in love.

She died in a fire and I died on a mission. It's a long story so I'm not gonna explain my death but she died of suffocation.

She was possibly one of the sweetest girls I knew.

"Ben are you okay?" Y/n snapped me out of my thoughts.

"Yeah, I was just...thinking" I said

She chuckled.

We kinda sat in an awkward silence. I didnt know if I should talk or If she was gonna speak but I dont really think she really minded being in the quietness of the room.

I stared at her, admiring her features. Her y/e/c eyes. Her hair. Even the way she blinked was something that was absolutely beautiful. Absolutely stunning.

I watched her as she shifted close to me.

She laughed a bit and blushed.

It was for sure random, as literally all we were doing was sitting at the edge of my bed.

"What are you laughing at?" I looked at her lovingly.

"Nothing... I just..." she tried to reply but seemed to be stuck.

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