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Hey Everyone!

So a lot of you have been messaging or commenting about how you want to see their summer moments etc. Like if Soph and Cole are endgame or the girls road trip and them preparing for college but some of you just want to see more of the characters and I understand that!

But I don't want to make a million different Bonus Chapters so I was thinking if you want, I could make a Summer Moments Edition, so you can have important moments from this summer before college (not the whole summer!) but if you want that, I am more than willing to deliver!

As I said in the epilogue, I'm taking some time to work on Tessa's story because she's a different personality to Charlotte so the dynamic of how she thinks and acts is completely different from Charlotte and I want to give you guys something worth reading.

**SO, if you want me to make a Summer Moments Edition to this story please like, comment, private message me, whatever you want and tell me yes or no!

If enough of you want it, I will deliver, but I understand if some of you guys are finished with Jealousy Makes You Nasty.

Have a great weekend!!

Sammipott xx

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