Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

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"Y/n? Y/nnn! Y/nnnn!!!!" You blinked then rubbed your eyes and sat up bumping someone's head, it was.....


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Emma rubbed her head "Ow.... But good morning!" "Ah! I'm so sorry!" You frantically said moving your hands around? "No it's okay! But it's your first match today! Some people are already in the dining room! I'll meet you there." Emma ran out, you rubbed your face trying to get the drowsiness out of you. Knock knock "May I come in?" Aesop stood at the door anyways and came in. "Basically you didn't have too ask." You laughed a little before looking up at him, "Good morning, what will you need today?" You asked smiling at him. "Yesterday, that was no one." Aesop said staring right into your eyes, making you shutter. "W-What? What do you mean?" You playfully laughed it off. "I saw what happened. It was just a dark shadow. But the lights were off and I don't remember anyone who looked like the outline of it." He said not breaking eye contact with your nervous eyes constantly looking around. "What do you mean?" Your felt like you were about to fall asleep but you tried not to be rude and fall asleep out of no where. Aesop covered your eyes but with a little smile before he covered your eyes and you fell asleep. ah... Ah..... AGH!  You jolted up and looked around in your dark room and saw your clock.. 3:32 am.. a guy jolted into your room, "What's wrong?!" A guy with a soft voice, semi shouted. ahah.... Hah.... ah- you fainted again.. You heard a soft humming, "Ah.. I'm stuck again.." you looked around in the white room you were in. A male with an umbrella walked up too you, "Hello, what brings you here today?" He smiled at you, black and white stripes in his hair... Half of his face purple... Somewhat charming I guess... "I-I don't know." You looked away from him. "She's on my nerves already!" A guy who looked similar shouted looking down at you but his clothes were black and opposite side of his face was purple. "Black." The guy in white growled at the other guy. "You can call us Black and White! But our time is now running out." The guy in white looked at you and smiled before your vision turned black, you saw a little girl with white hair sit in the dark looking at her hands, she looked like Ikuno. "Ikuno? Hey, ikuno?" You sprinted towards her before you jolted up in your room again.. but surrounded by people, Eli, Ikuno, Ichiro, Emily and Aesop. when you saw Aesop you started shaking violently, "Hey? Y/n. What happened?" Emily said checking your pulse. "I... Don't know." You mumbled, "You screamed at the middle of the night so I went to check up on you and you fainted after seeing me." Eli quickly explained, "Oh, my bad. Must've been a disturbance." You quickly apologized. Me and ichiro had our first match! Ikuno wrote down on her notebook and excitedly showed you. You patted Ikuno and Ichiro's head, "Did you win?" You smiled at them as they both aggressively shook their heads yes. Emily whispered something to both of them causing them to leave the room. "Say, mind if I ask what happened?" Emily said staring dead into your eyes after the two little marshmallows left. "Uhm, after yesterday when I saw someone watching us.. When i was in my room, the same person was in my room staring at me from the door... And then, next thing I know it's 10:00 am and then I meet William outside the door, then.. then... I went to get a drink. A knife was at my neck, Ikuno came inside the dining room where I was at.. and I looked at the time it was 11:00 pm? But... When, Emma woke me up this morning... Aesop came into my room.. made me fall asleep.... Then, I met two strange people and..." You started getting dizzy after trying to remember what happened during the time gap and what you were doing. "This morning Aesop was in the dining area with me helping everyone prepare breakfast." Eli said looking a bit confused. "No one has the ability to look like any one else but Aesop but the thing is that he was helping with Eli and the others the whole time. And me and Emma were in the garden, so who was Emma and Aesop?" Emily looked at the floor trying to figure out what was happening. "Here, we can all discuss this at dinner. It's currently my time to leave." Emily stood up and walked towards the door, "Don't do anything reckless or else you'll be leaving the manor with your neck broken, got it?" Emily smiled and left. Ikuno and Ichiro came back inside and took stools and sat next to you, "W-What did she mean by 'don't do anything reckless?'" Aesop rubbed his neck confused. Eli chuckled and sighed, "Oh it's nothing." You nervously looked at Aesop, "s-sorry.." you mumbled, "Oh, it's fine. I would be uncomfortable with someone who quotation mark tried to make you fall asleep quotation mark." Aesop joked around getting laughs from Ichiro, ikuno and you. "Oh dear.. you admitted you made her fall asleep! Oh my God." Eli joked around. While you were in bed for at least an hour the two and you joked around the whole hour while Ikuno and Ichiro fell asleep from all of your horrible dad jokes. (I feel their pain)

Emily came in and checked occasionally but you, Eli and Aesop basically talked or made up story's because after what happened to you they felt like if they left your side it'll happen again. Just like guards, but blue and grey guards!

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