Sleepover in the Tower Room

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Calla's eyes began to feel heavy as the movie played. She didn't expect to fall asleep on the couch, and even less expectations of being awakened by Charlie so she could walk to his bedroom on the third floor. Since he was the only one on the floor and it held only a single room, she would be safe from prying eyes and new people while sleeping on a blow-up mattress in the corner of the room. 

They climbed the stairs once he made sure everyone else had gone to their rooms. While Ricky and Joe shared one, Chester was forced to room with Danny - who has never said he hates Chester but it wasn't completely hidden either. Since Danny was the shiest person anyone could ever meet, he wasn't too keen on letting other people know how he really felt. This didn't cause problems since he never spoke up about any issue, he only internalized his worries and it came out in the massive piles of muffins and other baked goods that he used to get any worry or doubts out while his mouth stayed shut. 

Calla hasn't had the pleasure of meeting Danny or Jacob who nearly caught them bringing her body into the house earlier. Charlie thinks her and Danny would get along quite well, though he was petrified of new people and even more so of women. Charlie secretly hopes having a female member will help him get out of his shell a bit. Personally, Charlie didn't see the appeal or stress of being around a woman or a man for that matter, but his attraction wasn't depended on either as Danny's is depended on women and men alike.

While walking up the stairs, Calla took note of the framed photos on the walls. She saw ones with all seven brothers next to each other, covered in mud, and smiling like crazy people. She stopped at this photo and smiled while looking over each of them and seeing how happy they looked. 

"It was a game of touch football that got out of control with another fraternity house. It rained heavily the day before so the field was a mess. It was so much fun, even with Jacob's allergies he had a lot of fun." Charlie turned around and explained the photo she seemed so intrigued by. 

"You must have won the game then, right?" She asked, knowing very little about football, if anything, but she knew what a game was and that you could win or lose. "Actually, we lost, quite fantastically too. Barely score two goals before we were slaughtered by the other team. But, being there with all of my friends is what made it more fun." Calla's heart sank a bit. She didn't know what it felt like to have those sort of people around you. Having fun like that, and if she has had days like the one in the photo, then she can't remember it. 

"Retrograde," Charlie started when Calla turned to him.

"It's the type of amnesia I believe you may have. I'm not a doctor and our only med student barely leaves the library, but I think you may have retrograde amnesia." Her eyes met his this time and for a moment she wanted to smile, and slowly she did. The smile sort of unnerved Charlie as it stretched across her face. He wasn't sure what there was to be happy about. 

"There's a name for it?" She asked him and while he thought about what she was asking, he turned to the cord hanging from the ceiling just to the left of where he stood and spoke with her. 

"There are a few types but this one seems to fit you right now. You suffered a trauma and your brain is blocking your memories from you right now." He went on to explain it a little more while pulling down the stairs for the third floor and his room. 

"So they can return? How much trauma do you think I had to go through to lose the memory of it?" She watched him bring the ladder down for the room they were about to go into but he stopped to turn and answer her. "We don't quite know, but you must have had a physical trauma since there is a lump on your head and there was blood around the wound, but because the memories are hard to recall, there could have been mental trauma as well. Unfortunately, only time will tell." He shrugged and gave her news that she didn't want to hear but as he said, time will tell.

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