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"Oh.. That's the reason...hope it was the first one." Aila murmured to herself.
"What? I didn't heard it properly. Please repeat!" Irane said.
Nothing, Nothing. I actually wanted to ask that... (coughs) Notes of which subject?"
"Oh...ok! I'll get you that."
Irane smiled. "Will you not show me your localty and your house... as I am first time here!" He said.
"Of course! But, firstly tell me that.... How did you came here?" Aila asked.
"Google Maps." Irane said, smiling proudly as if he gave an answer of a question in a quiz and had won it.
"Seriously!?" Aila asked, surprised.
"Yes Madam! G-O-O-G-L-E  M-A-P-S!" Irane said, sarcastically. You see, he is a very sarcastic person.
"You should have called me... You must have faced a lot of problem in coming!" Aila said, concerned.
"Firstly, I don't have your number. Secondly, yes, I faced a lot of problem to reach here and lastly, for you anything....!" Irane said, giggling loudly.
"Huh!? I don't think the last line is correct!" Aila said.
Irane sticked out his tongue and winked at her. "For your notes anything!" Aila corrected him. "Am I right?" Aila asked.
"Mmm... Half-right and Half-wrong." Irane said.

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