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I woke up to the sight of my husband sleeping soundly. He looked peaceful, at ease, unlike the cold soldier he was made to be.

Hard muscles hidden underneath the covers and the memories just came crashing in. His lips all over, my nails marking him...

I shook my head to clear the thoughts away. I had come down from my high, and that's when rationality slammed into my senses and then I suddenly remembered: I. Wasn't. Wearing. A. Birth. Control. Rune.

By the Angel.

Scrambling out of bed, I put on Alec's polo to cover my body before shaking him awake. He woke up easily, being a light sleeper and all.

"Yes?" He spoke groggily.

"Goddamn it, Alec, we didn't use protection!" I exclaimed, feeling panicked.

His eyes widened. "Don't you have the rune?"

"I-I forgot," I stammered.

Shit, shit, shit.

He pulled me into a hug, and I felt his lips by my ear. "Relax. Please. We'll go to Kane, okay? He'll know what to do. There's medication for this sort of thing. Besides," he added, as if trying to assure not only me, but himself, "it was only once."

"Sometimes one time is all it takes." I muttered.

Great job, Ames. You're officially crazy!

The sound of my phone ringing is what snapped me out of my panicked state. I didn't bother checking the caller ID, but the voice was clear.

And frantic.

It was Izzy, and she did not have good news.


I held up a hand. "We'll deal with this later. Right now, Izzy needs us. I think it's really urgent."

• • •

"Jace is the owl?" Izzy questioned. "How is it even possible?"

I ran a hand through my blonde hair stressed. "So this whole time, he wasn't losing it..."

"He was possessed." Alec finished.

Magnus looked uncomfortable. Tension and panic was high in the room, and Clary was crying silently, not saying a word. She had refused to sit down, despite being dropped from a freaking building and nearly paralyzing herself if Simon didn't get to her in time.

"By an extremely powerful Greater Demon, who gave him the ability to turn mundanes into demonic killers." Magnus added.

Alec's grip on the table was so tight, his knuckles had gone white. "We've defeated Greater Demons before. We'll do it again and free Jace." Although he said this without worry, I could sense it in the bond, and I knew my husband.

"This is just not any Greater Demon." Magnus said, and then showed us a piece of paper. On the paper was a drawing of a demon. "Clary was able to draw an image of the beast, and it matches this image from the Silent City archives." 

Oh for all things holy.

Jace was the Owl, and just a few hours ago, I had looked him in the eye and didn't notice shit.

The Owl, who kidnapped and possessed mundane, who in return murdered someone they loved. I think I'm going sick.

"The demon is Lilith, Queen of Edom." Continued the warlock, "Adam's first wife."

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