But I didn't fucking do i......

Save of for later William, grandpa said not even looking at me, he keep working till we entered a big room, containing only three desk and four chairs.
I was lay on the desk while two guys hold me still, one holding my legs the other my hands, I just struggle. While grandpa reach for a horse cane. Oh shit he is not gonna hit me with that, it is for animals. The first smack hit my skin with such a force that I screamed, it continued at 3 lashes  I was just sniffing, at 6 I was crying, at 9 I was sobbing, at 15 I was sobbing really hard, he keep hitting, I know if I plead him it will lead me no where. At 25 I was hiccuping, I could no longer breath, it was amounting to 55 with that I could take no more, I was out of breath, the pain and all, and everything went black.
6 hours later
I woke up with such a pain, my head was pounding, and I could hardly think, I put an effort to remember what happen and I finally succeeded. I just stayed in that position. I was highly sore, manage to get up, only to started crying, I took a shower and put on my skinny black jeans, and a black T-shirt. I calm myself down, there was a knock on the door.

"Come in"I said while standing.
A woman with black and white rube entered the room. With a tray containing cup of water and a pill.

Sir I was asked to bring this to you. She said while drop the tray on my night stand.

By who ? I manage to asked her with the pain.

Your grandma. And you are asked in the lesson hall.

Thanks, I took the pill and drank the water. Can you lead me there.

Yes sir after you, I walk a head and she followed me. She pointed her finger to the room grandpa just punish me severely for something I didn't do. I so hate this room.

Seat down he will be right here. She said, but I didn't seat instead I was just looking at the table the forced me to lay on. I heard footsteps mile away, I am smart cause of my insecurity around people I became like this.

Fine he is here, she left.

Grandpa entered the room with his two body guard. I just wanted to dig a hole to escape. I began trembling remembering what just happened. His face, his hands always behind with his two huge body guard.

Seat down he ordered very strictly. I just looked at the chair.
He stretch his hand to one of his body guard and he handed him a cane. This is not the horse cane, but it a cane and it still hurts.
He just bend me over the table and hit me with that stuff really hard, like 10 lashes before he stopped, guards made me seat on a hard wooden chair, I just sob.

Grandpa George POV
He keep disobeying me, I understand there was no one to input discipline in him, he is really gonna know what is the meaning of the word "discipline"
I don't regret what I did and what I am gonna do is for his brighter future.

Look at me, I ordered if he disobey then I will go for another round. He slowly look at me with his blue eyes, full of tears.
Fine, you are going to write on these books "I am never going to disobey my elders". And on this one "I will never lie", and one this one "I will always obey the rules", I gave him there book each containing 100 pages, write ten sentences on each page. I equally gave him a pen. He just looked at me while my guards dropped the materials on the desk. As long as you are not done you will not leave this room. I went out leaving one of my guard to make sure he finish his punishment.

Niall William POV
He is so strict, the pages are too much, my bum hurt very very much, I am tired and hungry. I was just fade up and began to cry, I rest my head on my desk I was tired, but.

No sir you can't sleep yet, you are not done. The body guard said.
I just resumed the writing.

I am done with two it remains one, I check on my wrist watch it was 7:00 pm. I started writing at 2pm. Now making it 5 hours since I have started writing. I am done with 2 books.

Finally the last one, it took me seven hours to finish, I am exhaust, I stood up hissing at the pain I walk straight to the body guard.

Are you done ? He asked in his intimidating tone.

Yes sir. That was all I said while looking at him straight in the eyes.

Fine let's go, I followed behind him, after a long but slow walk he stop, in front of a door and knocked twice. I heard a thick voice say "come in", I was instantly frozen, the guard moved away and signal me to go in. I walked in with fear, and stood in front of grandpa's desk. He raised his head, the document he was reading.

Hmm, it took you seven hours to finish writing this. I wanna see you tomorrow morning, at 8:00 am. He took the books from me, am I clear ?

Yes sir. I said still crying.

You might leave, he returned back to his documents. I walked out of the room. Still crying.

I will lead you to your room, Mr William. The body guard said.

I just keep walking when I entered my room I just lay on the bed, and tears roll down my cheek.

Do you want something to eat ? He asked me.

No thanks, what your name ? I asked still sniffing.

Gabriel sir.

Can you please leave me alone Mr Gabriel I am tired. I said while reaching for the gift the boys gave me. Mr Gabriel left my room. I opened the gift and it is a watch, not an ordinary one, I can use it to communicate, they registered the numbers in it. They boys are missing me, mum and dad too he doesn't love me, but I love him. I dial Liam's number.
N: hello ? ( leave a message)
Shit, liam call me if you got my message. I need your help !
I hang the call. And cry I ended up crying myself to sleep.

Next day
Get out of my room !
No we need to talk.

Earlier that day ..........

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