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This was the 'red alert' for Aila to be in her best attitude and not in an easy-going one. She checked her outfit and her hair-do in a quick manner to look elegant. She was still confused with the fact that what was Irane doing here. Actually he lived near about 5 kilometers away from Aila's house and the big garden which was situated just beside her house in which she was enjoying her day. She quickly stood up, welcomed Irane with a cute smile. Iran's and Aila sat down under the shade of the tree, together. Aila took out her headphones, paused the song she was listening and giggled.
"Must be thinking, how I am here?" Irane asked, smiling.
"Yesss!" Aila said cheerfully.
"Just came here to see you...!" Irane said, giggling and winked at her.
"Oh... Please!" Aila exclaimed sarcastically.
"OK! Came here to take some notes of yours... Actually, I have a test at my coaching." Irane said.

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