Close the door, throw the key, don't wanna be reminded, don't wanna be seen...

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After I spent at least an hour in the bathroom we finnaly left the hotel. We were staying there until our apartement gets cleaned up. Some people lived there before and now they're moving. They sold us the apartement under one condition, their little girls got a picture with Niall. It was nice seeing young girls fangirling about my boyfriend. It was cute.

Niall had the whole day off so we could really enjoy it. Until the girls recodnise Niall of course. And when they do, we'll just run to the hotel and have fun there. I was really curious. Niall didn't say anything about his plans. We were walking along the street when a familiar face looked at me. I't was a girl. Long brown hair, dark brown eyes, kinda tall.



"Its me! Elena!"

Elena, Elena... That sounds so familiar! Where do I know her from. Thats when it hit me! Little El Styles! She was my One direction fangirling friend! She loved Harry so we gave her that nickname. My last name was of course Horan.


She hugged me and I almost fell to the ground. Niall was still standidng there, confused as always.

"El, I want you to meet someone. Niall, this is Elena!"

They shook hands and she was acting cool, but on the inside, she was fangirling like a little girl.

"Its a pleasure to meet you Elena. Where do you know eachother from?"

"We umm... We were friends. When we were little."

"Yeah and then Elena moved to New York, is it?"


"And I stayed at home and, I'm sorry but I kinda forgot about you!"

We started talking about the old days and I totaly lost track of time. Niall was getting annoyed because i was ruining the day he planned. I decided I'll end the conversation with El.

"So listen, Niall and I have a huge day planned out, but tommorow he has a bunch of things to do so maybe you'd want to come by the hotel?"

"Sure! Text me time and place later, I have to run anyways! It was nice meeting you Niall! Bye hon!"

I smiled and hugged her and then she left. It was so nice running into her. We used to stay up all night together and watch concerts of One direction. When I meet Niall 2 years ago I got busy with girls hating on me and with hiding from them so I forgot about her. But it looks like she never forgot about me. When One direction broke up we were very sad. I had an idea. Maybe i could text Harry and ask him where he is. I knew he was somewhere in America, recording the new album, I just didn't know where. I can finaly introduse him to Elena. That would make her so happy. But that can wait till later. I had a day off with my boyfriend and I'm gonna enjoy every sigle minute of it!

He took me shopping and I bought these really sweet tops. After I bought everything I needed he said he still has a surprise for me. He took my hand and started walking faster. I could tell he was nervous. But why? Soon I figured out why. Around the corner was a little antique jewelry store. He opened the door and I entered. I looked around and I saw the most beautiful necklaces and bracelets. They even had some tiaras! Niall walked straight to the man behind the counter. He mumbled something. I didn't hear him. The man dissapeared behind the courtain. I checked out some necklaces and I found some great ones. The man returned and gave Niall a little box. He took my hand and spinned me around. I could hear the box open. He took something out.

"Close your eyes."

I smiled.


Something cold fell on my neck and then Niall lifted my hair. The necklace was fitting my neck perfectly I looked down and saw the most beautiful necklace I ever saw. It was silver and it had two letters. L and N.

"Niall and Leah?"

He smiled. The letters had little diamonds in them. It was custom made. It must've cost him a fortune.

"Do you like it?"


He looked at me with his beautiful blue eyes, I saw sadness in his eyes.

"I don't like it. I adore it! Its beautifull Niall! Thank you!"

He smiled and I hugged him and gave him a kiss. He was really happy. And so was I. This day was getting better and better.

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