(Q&Q) check out the smoothie situation

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Azelbeth is on top of Qynka, punching and head-butting her repeatedly, viciously. Qynka looks not just dazed but trashed. Her hairstyle and makeup already a forgotten memory. Qannen comes up behind Azelbeth and punches her as hard as she can in the side of the head, knocking her clean off her sister.

She helps Qynka to her feet. "Are you OK?" she asks, Azelbeth reappears, grabs Qannen and throws her against the wall. Qynka steps in to help but Qannen waves her off. "GO!" Qannen yells. "2nd floor!" Qynka watches as Azelbeth sinks her terrible claws into her sister and drags her deeper into the store, then she turns and races out.

Qynka arrives on the 2nd floor, out of breath, every inhalation painful b/c of Azelbeth kicking her right in a t*ts/ribs area, tired, her puLLing!tEEth top torn, a mess.

And Anhedine is just standing there, casually doing whatever on her screen. When Qynka's head pops up over the railing Anhedine looks confused for a moment, like Wait there are other people here? and starts a do a confused half-hearted wave like Hi I feel like I know you? Before remembering who Qynka is and putting her hand down and looking bored again.

And then everyone's screens ding and change color announcing the opening of the 2nd level stores and the game is back on.

It's: x_-_pathsthetic_-_x (tops) and Mooooodpotion (smoothies).

They both immediately head for the tops. Anhedine gets to the store first but Qynka grabs a fistful of Anhedine's (honestly) silky long black hair and twists her head back and slams it into the wall, earning her entrance into the store first.

Inside there are: 2 sweaters on display. (Shrugs, kind of cut-off sweaters, silvery and reflective, nice but underwhelming, it looks similar to one she used to have from Scarematter?). But there's only supposed to be one item per store, what is going on? She looks around but the crowd is just screaming and her sister is nowhere, no one is any help. So she just heads towards the nearest sweater and pulls it off the mannequin.

Anhedine enters, assesses the situation, sees the extra sweater and runs over to it without breaking eye contact with Qynka. Qynka has her sweater on. Fits pretty good? Pretty fashionable. Looks tight. That's, about it?

Anhedine spills her form up through the sweater. When she tugs it down on her body the fibers immediately flatten and anodize, turning the shrug into very hot armor. Anhedine flexes and tests the fabric, which moves with her body yet provides a cozy yet incredibly defensive layer.

"Oh ffs," Qynka says, deflating. She tugs down harder on the hem of her shrug but nope. It's just a sweater. She's trying to get it off her body when she catches a solid fist to the side of the head. Anhedine sends her tumbling over the mannequin and across the floor. She picks herself up and pulls the sweater off while Anhedine flexes and poses for the crowd, giving the brand their due.

She turns and steps forward to take another swing at Qynka. Qynka holds the arms of the sweater taut and dodges the swing, wrapping the sweater around Anhedine's arm and holding it tight. She jabs Anhedine in the face, stunning her, then pulls Anhedine's arm back around behind her back until she screams. Qynka loops the arms of the sweater through Anhedine's other arm and ties them together, pinning her arms behind her. Then she stands and drops her elbow onto Anhedine's neck, knocking her out cold.

Dusting herself off on the way out of the store she runs into Qannen coming up the stairs. "OMG! Hey!" they both say. They check each other out, wipe blood off each other's faces.

"Want to check out the smoothie situation?" Qynka asks.

Qannen's bodysuit is now basically shorts and a tube top. The top of Qynka's is torn, revealing what appears to be a white t-shirt underneath. She tries to cover it back up but it's hopeless.

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