Jungkook looked behind him, " there's literally no one behind us. "

" You guys don't see it. But sooner or later it will come back to bite you in the ass. Don't get yourself infatuated with people who you know is going to break your heart. Jin has first hand experience. I don't think you'd want to go through that again. " Kelly finished off, her face was dead serious and all three boys knew the real deal.

" How the fuck did you know about Jin and Namjoon? " Jimin asked.

" I'm a lunch lady, I hear things. " Kelly shrugged, " but out of all staff, lunch lady's are the quietest. We observe. Now go. "

The three boys left slowly, " the flip..." Jungkook drawled off.

" Out of all staff, lunch lady's are the most creepiest. " Jimin said.

" And the most bipolar. " Jin added.

As the three boys were walking, the lunch doors slammed opened, and in walked Kim Namjoon, Min Yoongi and Kim Taehyung, all more glorious then the others. And behind them, hundreds of students cheering in their wake.

But all three boys, even with their one day success, looked as bored as a child gone on an outing with his mother.

Namjoon looked like he just rolled out of bed. Yoongi looked like he was still sleeping. And Taehyung couldn't give no fucks.

It was like the people behind them didn't matter at all.

Everyone wanted their attention, everyone apart from, Jin, Jimin and Jungkook.

The three boys watched with disgust at how everyone was treating the new platinums. Serving to their every need, screaming to catch just a tiny glance. " But in the end, they're human too, and everyone is. So why are they being treated so differently to the rest of us? " Muttered Jungkook to himself.

They all watched at how people ran to get them food, to speak with them and to even take picture with them. It was so pathetic.

Taehyung's eyes skimmed over the whole hall, and stopped at Jungkook. Jungkook caught his eye for just a second, but gasped and quickly looked away -- his cheeks heating up in the process.

Taehyung slowly walked over to Jungkook, the boy who was holding his lunch rushing to stay next to him.

" Hello Jungkook... " Taehyung.

Jungkook crossed his arms, " hello? "

" I couldn't help but notice you staring at me from across the hall. " Taehyung said, smirking.

Scoffing, Jungkook replied, " really? So you couldn't help but notice the whole cafeteria looking at you as well. "

" Well, " Taehyung began, loving how he irritated Jungkook, " that too. "

Namjoon and Yoongi we then began to walk towards Taehyung, questioning what was going on. " Oh my god Taehyung, seriously? " Started Yoongi, who generally looked ready to drop dead asleep on the ground. " Yeah Taehyung, we just wanna sit down. " Namjoon said, nodding.

When the two boys saw Jimin and Jin, their eyes widened; they started smiling awkwardly. Jungkook, who was too busy arguing with Taehyung, didn't notice.

" Hey Jin..." Namjoon drawled on, nodding at Jin. Jin scoffed and looked away, muttering.

Yoongi, however, just winked at Jimin, grinning. Jimin cut his eyes at Yoongi. " Great! " He said under his breath.

" Seriously, Taehyung! Why are you even talking to me? "

Taehyung leaned in further, and took his drink sipping on it, very slowly. Jungkook, now aggravated, huffed. Great, everyone's looking at me, Jungkook thought. He hated being the center of attention.

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