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"Oh my God, so mean!" She whined in a fake hurt tone, before flipping him off, her co-worker and boss behind her with shocked and also annoyed expressions. Ram growled and stormed out, not bothering to grab his coffee or pay. Kurt walked up to the counter, as Chandler, her boss, walked over, watching the boy leave.

"Heather, what's the deal over here?" She asked.

"That guy just flipped out on me for practically no reason!" A random nerd appeared from the darkness.

"She wouldn't sing for him," They snitched and Duke sent them a deathglare, "And I still haven't gotten my hot chocolate."

Kurt looked confused at the whole scene, regretting making eye contact with the weirdo. Duke sighed apologetically, "Oh, sorry, I'll get right on that," She replied, getting back over to the machine with a towel over her shoulder. The nerd stepped forward.

"I have very low blood sugar," They added quickly before disappearing off to the corner of the small shop. Chandler clasped her hands together as they did.

"I'm so sorry, sir. We'll get you a voucher," She apologised, before turning back around to Duke, as Kurt waited awkwardly in front of the counter, "Jesus, Heather, come on. I already warned you twice!" Duke turned around sharply with a sigh.

"It's embarrassing, Heather!" She walked back up to the counter where Kurt was waiting, "I mean, God, maybe Heather's okay with the whole singing because she majored in theatre," She spat the last few words with a mocking tone, as McNamara came out of the employees only room behind them, phone in hand. She smiled viciously.

"I think it's a really fun idea, Heather," She commented, as Chan patted Mac's forearm with a understanding nod, whilst Duke leant against the counter-top, back first.

"Why aren't you working?" She asked with a sly smirk. Mac looked over at her, the 4'11 blonde switching her phone to her other hand.

"Oh, I'm on vocal rest," She replied softly. Duke smirked wider.


Her voice got louder, "I'm on vocal re-..." She blinked with a blank stare a few times, closing her eyes with a fake, annoyed smile, as Chandler spread her arms out in annoyance, silently asking why, "Godammit, Heather. Now, I need to make a tea with honey, okay. Oh my God.." She dashed back into the staff only section as it took the brunette everything not to laugh. Kurt was on the fence of laughing or telling her off. Chan shook her head, stepping closer and folding her arms. Duke kept eye contact for a few minutes before walking over to the register to take Kurt's order after ten minutes of the poor boy waiting.

"Look, can't Heather just do the singing? I don't like it."

"Huh, okay," The strawberry blonde behind her huffed, "So then you must not like having a job here then, hm?" Heather turned around, "You know what? Just don't even bother showing up for your next shift."

Her smirk faded as she turned around, "What? Are you serious? Wait, wait, wait, wait!" She called before Chan had the choice to walk off, "Wait..." She gave in. Despite the fact that she hated her job, she needed the money. But right now, the Starbucks down the street was seeming more appealing to her. She sighed, "I will do the singing."

"Yeah, you will, now move your ass, you got a line," She ordered, before walking out the back to check on Mac. Duke sighed, turning back to the counter, facing Kurt as he smiled sheepishly.

"Hi, can I help you?" She asked, ready for another long-ass order. Kurt stepped forward.

"Uh, yeah, I got an easy one for you," He grinned, "Just a cup of black coffee," Heather nodded, turning to the machine, pulling out a cup. He put $5 in the tip jar, but he didn't want her to sing. She grunted.

"Jesus! Really?" She walked back over, miming out pouring a cup of coffee as she began to sing, her tone flat because of her anger, "I've been brewing up your coffee.." He waved his hands frantically as he tried to get her to stop, which, thankfully, she did.

"Oh no, no, no. No, no, no. Uh, I'm sorry. No, I don't need you to sing," He explained, straightening himself as Duke froze and slowly lowered her arms, "I just tipped because you know... uhm... people should tip."

Duke laughed slightly and beamed, "Well, thank you," She smiled softly, "I mean because if I have to sing for it, it's not really a tip, right?" She patted the counter-top as he followed her movements with a smile, "It's just like I have another shitty paying job on top of my other shitty paying job!" She explained as he nodded in understanding, "'Cause I mean, most of my tips are less than a buck?" She approximated, "So after the split, I'm making, like, not even 25 cents a song," She calculated, oblivious to Kurt examining her with a small, gentlemanly smile, "That is less than a fucking Jukebox!" She rambled, "Only a Jukebox doesn't also have to make coffee for these assholes," Kurt arched a brow with an amused smile as Duke looked up at him, "Uh, not that you're an asshole. Well, maybe you are. What'd you tip?" She looked into the jar, picking up the five dollars inside, "Five bucks!" She paused, looking over at the rest of her co-workers, before looking back at the 6'9 guy, "You meant this just for me, right? Like I don't have to share it with anyone?" She asked hopefully. Kurt nodded in confirmation.

"Oh, no, that's for you, I don't give a shit about them," He replied, smiling wider when she laughed. That laugh was beautiful. She smiled genuinely this time.

"That's very sweet," She smiled, pouring his cup of coffee, waiting for it to cool for a little as the machine had a tendency to overheat, "God, I'm just so sick of Heather and Heather," She mocked the last Heather, "-Who is technically my manager, even though she is ten years younger than me," She huffed, as Mac was twenty and she herself was thirty. Chan wouldn't tell them hers though, "Ugh. She hired all of her little theater friends and they will not," She sang the last part, "Shut the fuck up~!" She picked up the black coffee, "About some shitty production of Godspell they did last summer."

Kurt perked up, running a hand through his hair, "Oh, that was the one at the rec center, right?" Heather nodded, wandering over and placing the coffee on the counter, "I think I had to see that," Heather groaned slightly, "I did not like it."

Her smile returned as she went to get the lid of the cup that she had forgotten, "It sucked, right?" She bent under the counter to grab the lid. Kurt chuckled.

"Yeah. Yeah, they shouldn't call it 'Godspell'. More like, 'God-awful.'."

Duke giggled, "Yeah, or 'God-damn-that-was-bad.'," She commented, causing them both to laugh.

"Yeah, hahaha..." Kurt laughed, "I don't like musicals. Watching people sing and dance makes me very uncomfortable."

"Oh," She fixed the lid onto the cup before handing it to him, as he paid the price for it, which she put in the cash register, "Well then, why did you come to the singing coffee shop?" She gagged at the shop's title, "You know, there's a Starbucks across the street."

"Oh, uh.." He looked at the coffee cup, noticing the girl's number written on it. He smiled softly, "Well, you know, some things are worth it," She arched a brow and he blushed, "L-Like," He took a big gulp of the drink with a flustered grin, "Damn good coffee," He gave a thumbs up, as she returned the gesture, making his heart flutter. She chuckled.

"I see you in here all the time, don't I?" He nodded, as she smiled, "What's your name?"


"Hi Kurt. I'm Heather."

"Excuse me!" Came the nerd again, as Duke wanted to strangle them for ruining the moment, "I have been waiting a very long while," The brunette sighed, as Kurt looked at him uncomfortably. Heather took the tower off of her shoulder and started making the hot chocolate.

"Sorry, sorry!"

"Okay, uh.. Bye, Heather!" Kurt called, walking towards the door as the girl waved at him, and he could've sworn there was a red blush across her cheeks. He smiled. Walking out of the door, he sighed, "Heather... Oh, shoot, I forgot J.D's caramel frappe," He pondered for a few minutes, "Eh, fuck J.D," He then walked away from the store, his heart thumping pleasantly.

Meanwhile, Heather was wondering what the hell just happened.

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