TGWDLM/Coffee Shop AU - KurtDuke

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The coffee shop was running as normal, as Duke was at the counter. Her former lover, Ram Sweeney, walked into the small store. She scowled for a split second before smiling forcefully, "Hi, can I help you?" She asked. The boy instantly replied, spinning around on his heel, and leaning back against the counter. His gaze was glued to his phone, not bothering to look at the 4'9 brunette.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," He scrolled through his social media, "Can I get uh," He looked at the menu for a split second as Duke huffed through her nose, "A grande caramel frappe in a venti cup of ten pumps of hazelnut, three shots of espresso, no caramel drizzle, with whip on top?" Duke arched a brow, putting the towel she'd been using to clean the counter with on its hook before looking over.

She arched her head back, stalking over to the machine, "Sure, that'll be $5.50," She replied. Ram scoffed in replied, rolling his eyes.

"Jesus, fine," He then spotted the small tip jar on the counter, smirking a little as he read the small sign,

'Tip for a SONG!'

He decided to be charitable and placed a dollar into it. Cheapskate. Heather looked up hearing the noise, as she turned away from the machine, which was heating up, "Hey!" She looked up at him.


"I just tipped you," He replied, waiting for her to sing, becoming displeased as she leaned over the counter with a small, but almost genuine smile.

"Oh, well, thank you," She spoke, before wandering back over to the machine. Ram arched a brow at her behaviour.

"Aren't you supposed to sing?" He asked, making her grumble in reply and turn back around, not even having started on his coffee due to all of his questions and bothering. After all, Duke was brought up to not avoid eye contact while in conversation, "The sign says tip for a song," She dragged herself back over to the counter with a painted smile, huffing and screaming internally.

"Uhm," She mumbled, looking back up at him, as he was still looking at his phone, the obnoxious twat. She sighed through her nose, resting on her arms against the counter, "Yeah, um, that's like a, new thing," She fiddled with her visor, "The owner went to Cold Stone Creamery over the weekend and brought back the whole singing thing," She explained, "But, you know, there's a line and people are working. I don't want to disturb anyone."

The boy laughed, "Haha, I don't care. I just tipped you, come on," He finally looked away from his phone, holding it in his dominant hand as he leaned on his back leg.

Heather growled, "Okay. Well, did you do that to be nice or did you do it to be an asshole?" She asked simply. Ram moved his other hand.

"Fine, I'll take it back then."

Heather smirked at his reaching his hand into the jar, before faking a terrified expression, "Oh no! What am I gonna do without that DOLLAR I have to split it with five other people?" She emphasised dollar, before moving her hand to reveal her co-workers, who were probably looking over in shock. But she didn't care. The door opened again, as Kurt Kelly walked in, arching a brow as he towered over his boss, but made no actions or words.

"You know what? I'm never coming back here again, that sign's bullshit!" Ram barked, placing his phone in his pocket with a grunt. Heather stood up straight.

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