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Aila, a 16 year old youngster, sat down in the shade of a tree, with headphones on and her phone in her Skin-Tight Black Jeans which perfectly complimented her Navy Blue Crop Top which read:-
'POSITIVE VIBRATION' which showed an inch of her perfectly toned waist. She took out her phone, unlocked it, opened the music app and played the song- 'Run Free' by Deep Chills Feat IVIE. She sang the song along with it at intervals. "Umm... If you do it...I could waste my time... Uha Uha Ha....oh oh yea..." She sang with all her heart, enjoying it, and the atmosphere. But, she didn't realise, she was way too louder. The people near her, saw her, smiled and went away as they liked her voice cuz it was a rustic one and they knew that she was also a spectator just like them, enjoying the pleasant atmosphere in her own way.

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