His Ermine Mantle

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On a dreary night was a shadow seen. The figure moved swiftly, setting the corridor ablaze with each step. Unbeknownst to it, a little boy at the age of 12 caught sight of this and with his curiosity, he ran, not knowing what or who this figure was.

As he fled from his room he caught glimpse of the figure, the steps it left rang within the halls, leaving the mansion eerily quiet for a few moments.

It was a child, and much like himself she looked lost, but once he managed to get a good look he saw her holding an Ermine robe— his father's robe.

The ermine mantle's color shined in the moonlight, leaving the impression that a man of royalty once wore it. Though it was embedded with such luxury it's current state made it look like something you would clean a table with.

One cannot even fathom why a girl such as she, gripped it tightly as her life depended on it. Little did they know that it did.

As her bare feet scurried faster so did the little boy's. Just like little children did they run, without truly knowing the fact that they were playing the game of life and death.
As their pants echoed through the empty halls the snoring of those who slept were barely heard. Mesmerized was the little boy with their game of tag when the girl came to a halt.
No words were spoken, only glances were given to one another even though the boy was curious beyond belief.

Then, before the little boy was able to comprehend anything the girl jumped down.
Panicked, the boy ran to see what had happened to the girl but all he could see was the light the moon had stolen, let us rephrase that, borrowed from the sun, and the mysterious girl's silhouette running in the fields.

The boy was elated with the fact that the girl managed to survive the fall but he then found himself running after her, his desire to know where she ran off to growing.

He ran down the stairs, skipping a few steps before tumbling down the lavishly colored carpet.
"Young master!" A voice called, "Why are you up so late?"

Not knowing what to do he instinctively hid behind the sofa. To his surprise, the servant did not bother to check the spot he went to.

Instead, his eyes wandered where he was, and as if taunting him, the servant circled the living room a few times before walking away.

The boy felt something was wrong but despite all that he continued on his plan.

As he peeked from behind the sofa the servants, seemingly panicked searched for the other rooms. Giving him a chance to escape.

He ran to the Narra door but came to a halt once he was in front of it. He was unsure of what was behind the door, for he was told never go out. But his gut said otherwise.

He always thought it was stupid, and at the same time wondered why they had to make it so big. Was it to show their luxury? What good does it do aside from making it harder for them to open the door? He never understood grown-ups and he wondered if he never will.

After he was able to gather his courage he pushed the door with all his strength and a creaking noise was heard.

"The young master's missing!" The servants panicked.

Were they acting?

"What shall we do with his highness missing?" 

Or were they deaf?

The child thought, befuddled with questions that blurred his judgment. He knew that the servant saw him, he knew that they heard him.

Did what he saw wrong?

Either way, he couldn't care less, because he was able to execute his plans of escaping without any trouble.

As the door opened a little he forced himself to slip through it, and with a heavy sigh did he come back to running.

Even though he did not get much rest the adrenaline through his veins pushed him to run to the fields he had seen the girl fled to.

The sun's light broke the dreary and damp sky the night had made, and with a smile, he watched the sunrise. It was his first time to stay up so late, it was his first time to see a child around his age. Therefore, he did not have any regrets.

He then stopped running when he saw a white robe in the distance. He then immediately hid behind the thick green grass as he saw a girl in deep slumber.

The boy felt bad for the girl, he knew how uncomfortable it was to lay on the grass, and just by the looks of it the girl was tired.

He watched as the grass tickled her pale skin, her mere complexion enchanting the boy.
The boy snapped out of his trance once he saw the ermine mantle under the girl.

He chuckled to himself as he gripped the soft robe, he managed to run his fingers through it putting a satisfied smile on his lips. He then pulled it away, leaving the girl cold on the grass.
"Yes!" He whispered to himself, a triumphant smirk on his face.


The boy held his cheek, his victorious smile no longer visible, instead his mouth was wide open in shock

"Don't you think it's a bit too early to celebrate?" The mysterious girl said, her eyes menacing as she glared at the boy.

"What do you think you're doing with my robe?" Questioned the girl

"I'm returning it after the green goblin took it!" Lied the boy, his eyes wandering off into another direction. The girl raised her eyebrows at him in disbelief.

"This isn't yours, it's my father's anyways!" He argued

And with that, they continued to quarrel with each other.

"In our city, the stealer's the keeper."

"But still, what your doing is wrong so give it back." Defended the boy

"Give it up. You're no match for me anyway."

"But you're just a girl—"

Just then, he closed his eyes a painful screech coming from him whilst waiting for impact.

"What? I didn't even touch you yet."

The boy trembled in fear as he cupped his cheeks, looking for any pain.

"Scaredy cat." Muttered the girl, her lips forming into a teasing smile.

The boy sighed as he came up with a plan to retrieve the ermine mantle.

"Can you tell me more about this city of yours? What's it called?" Asked the boy in curiosity.
"The city of thieves, that's what it's called."

And soon, the boy was left silent as he looked at the girl. Her eyes closed as she breathed in. She then fluttered her eyes open to look from afar.

They both looked at the city. It was the city that no other citizens dare enter, it was the city of thieves.


Into The City of Thieves Part i

His Ermine Mantle



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