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does he know i like him?
what if he does?
how awkward would that be?
maybe he doesn't.
yeah, he doesn't.

thoughts like this swirl around my head as we drive to his house. i can't stop thinking about his perfect lips and his beautiful smile. but i know i shouldn't be thinking about it. he's older than me. he's my teacher - well, ex teacher.

and i'm  gonna be living in his house. fuck. i'm gonna be living in his house.

i frown, tangling my fingers into the lace of my hoodie. living at his place is gonna be hard.

"are you okay back there little one?" josh asks,tilting his head slightly towards me.

"y-yep! 'm fine" i smile, looking out the window at the beautiful view of elegant houses.

"prince don't lie to me, you look sad." he chuckles, not taking his eyes off the road.

"i promise, 'm jus' tired, tha's all mr dun." i lie, closing my eyes and covering my face with my hands discreetly.

why am i so emotional all the time? i feel like crying for no reason.

"hey you don't have to stay awake yano? just go to sleep baby boy" he smiles at me through the mirror, the frown on my face being replaced with a smile when he calls me 'baby boy.'

"otay dada"

my eyes suddenly get really heavy, and i slowly fall asleep, not a worry on my mind.


"baby boy, wake up" someone shakes me, and i groan and turn around, keeping my eyes closed.

"nu, i wan' seeeeeep" i whine, slapping away the hand that is invading my personal space.

"prince, we are home" he chuckles, pulling at my hand gently.

i immediately open my eyes, no longer tired, excitement in my eyes as i squeal and jump out of the car. i run through the driveway and look at awe at the small house.

it's beautiful, like really beautiful. it's a two story black and cream coloured house, yellow flowers running up the walls in an almost deliberate way. it's perfect. the driveway is black pebbles, large white stones along the edges. the grass is greener than green, and the home just looks - amazing. it's more perfect than i ever could imagine. there are bushes separating the house from the houses next door, which look almost identical to his house, yet his looks more well-kept but lived in at the same time.

there is a swing set in the corner of the garden, a makeshift one in the middle of two trees, surrounded by daisies. i look back at mr dun, who is just watching me look at my beautiful surroundings.

"s so amazing mr dun!!" i squeal, running to the porch where there is a swinging chair that doesn't touch the ground, but is held up by the porch roof. it's yellow and goes perfectly with the garden. "can i go ins?" i ask, pointing at the large, black door.

"yes, just be quiet so you don't wake the pups." he chuckles.

"puppies?" i squeal. i love puppies!!!

"yes, puppies, baby boy. they're a few months old, there are two boys and a girl. there's a older doggo too! his name is jake, the puppies are yet to be named." he says.

"wa types'a dog are 'dey?" i ask.

"jake is a whippet, he's really big and fast so be careful around him he could easily knock you off your feet. the puppies are dutch shepherds, they're really playful, i, sure you will love them." he says, and points towards the door before saying "go on then little one."

i giggle happily and open the door, and as soon as i do i hear a loud bark and i'm knocked over by a very powerful dog.

jake starts licking my face, which is grossss but i'm not gonna stop him, then mr dun commands "jake, stop!" and jake gets off of me, and instead bounces around me panting.

the puppies:

the puppies:

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(he's a bit bigger but that's like his fur colour and body shape)

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(he's a bit bigger but that's like his fur colour and body shape)

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