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"So, Doc?" I said, standing up from my seat and facing the doctor. He removed his mask.

"He's all stitched up now. We only need to observe him, mentioned that he lost almost eight pints of blood. I admire him, he was awake when he came here, even if he lost that much blood? That's just amazing." He smiles and laughs, while I do too.

"He managed to kick the asses who stabbed him and bring me dinner, so," I shrugged and then changed off the topic. "Is he awake now though?"

"Maybe in thirty minutes you can see him awake. Do you wish to enter his room now?"

The sky was turning blue when I got out of the supermarket. Was I out for that long? I just bought fruits and stuff! Oh no, Tom's probably awake and wondering where I ran off to, I should run back there!

What I witnessed when I came in was Tom fixing a man bun, yes, a man bun. I don't understand why he looked so hot and why I wasn't complimenting him for that. I didn't care anyway, not right now.

"Your mouth is gaped open." He says, snapping me out of my thoughts. "I wonder why?"

"It's because I've never seen him in a man bun."

After brief seconds, I was confused. Why was he laughing? Did he hear my thoughts or I said it out loud? Ugh, why am I so airheaded?

"Well, now you did. Did you go to the grocery, by the way?" Tom looked at my hand which carried the grocery bags, and I nodded.

"I was thinking of buying pints of blood too, because you needed them and did not take it seriously." I dropped the bags and crossed my arms, raising an eyebrow at him. I still can't forget last night easily, Tom.

"I'm really sorry! I didn't really want to do that to the bad guys-"

"I wasn't talking about you hurting the bad guys. You hurt yourself."

Tom looked at me like a scolded puppy and hell, how could I not stop being mad? He was as close to burying his face in his pillow sadly.

"Okay, fine, it's okay. Just always bring your swiss knife and not let them get back at ya, alright?" I walked to his side and pressed the cute man bun he made. I smiled when he smiled.

"Here, you eat some fruits. I will too. And after I will sleep." Tom nodded, then I gave him an apple.

It wasn't pretty long until I fell asleep. I was really tired too, you know.

"Good morning!" Tom's face was what I first saw when I woke up. Wait, did I sleep for only minutes? It's still morning?

"How many minutes did I sleep on?" I groaned and rised up from my seat, then stretched. Tom chuckled.

"You've been asleep for a day."

I stopped in my tracks. A day? Meh, that's okay. But no! I left Tom all alone!

"That's not surprising but no! I left you here alone, with no company, and I also probably left you with snoring sounds. Did they change your bandages? Did you eat? Is your wound-"

"Settle down, Chris," Tom laughed. "I changed my own bandage, alright? I ate the fruits you brought me and my wound is getting better. Okay?"

Feeling more relieved, I nodded and responded with, "Okay."

Tom's forehead knitted-and I was worried for a second- then he opened his mouth to talk. "One question though, wouldn't you wanna go back to Australia? I'm pretty sure you do."

Ugh, why am I like this again? Don't cry because of Elsa. Don't, if you do, you're even worse than Liam. I am the best one out of the three. Okay? Okay.

"I mean, I'm divorced and the custody is unfair.. So what do I have to lose?"

Tom raised his eyebrow and chuckled. He was close to wheezing but then he stopped, then his face turned sympathetic and patted my back. "It's okay, I'm always here for you. Everyone is. And did you use a Thor line?"

"Did you use a Loki move last night?"

I crossed my arms and he shrugged. Ugh, why am I so upset about this?

"Okay, in my defense, I was panicking-"

"Okay, don't talk too much."

Tom pouted and at that, I almost squealed. But I stopped myself.

Then I recieved a text.

impostor chris, chris evans:
pre-avengers endgame party a week from now!!!! in america, robert's house!!!!

I was honestly concerned about how he uses too much exclamation marks and I should probably get Tom to lecture him about limiting the use of the exclamation mark. But then I knew Tom would rage when he gets to teach an American uses excessive exclamation points and keeps on doing it.

"You gotta rest. We're going to America a week from now."

Tom stopped digging the contents of the mini refrigerator and faced me with a scrunched face. "Deary, is there an emergency?"

"Yes. Pre-endgame party at Robert's."

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