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"i'm going to kill them pieces of shit." he growls, sitting down on the couch near the entrance to the house. we follow and sit across from him.

"dad.. it's okay.. now can you talk to mr dun? he has something to ask." i say.

before mr dun starts talking, jay comes down the stairs.

"daddyyyyyyyy" he whines, sitting in dads arms.

"uhm mr dun this is jay, my little brother." i smile, looking at him.

"he sure does look like you, tyler" he chuckles. it's true though, he looks exactly like me, just a younger version.

dad says "when jay was born it was like welcoming a second tyler, he looks exactly like him."

mr dun chuckles " so let's talk about the school situation. he's being severely bullied by most of the people in his school, and i'm concerned and so are many other staff members. i live about an hour away, where nearby is a school for highly gifted kids, which i believe tyler is, as he's succeeding in every class, with strictly a+ and a's. he'd be accepted immediately, and i have a spare bedroom, in which he can stay, if you'd like" he says, and i look at him surprised, he thinks i'm smart enough for that?

dad smiles, thinking for a few seconds. "that sounds great, thank you! are you sure your okay with my son staying with you?" he asks, genuinely happy for me.

"yes, it's perfectly okay. he's a great kid, he has good potential, and i'd like to encourage that" he smiles, and i smile as he says it.

"can i go dad? please?" i ask.

"of course son, when though?" he asks mr dun.

"tonight, if possible, as it's friday we can unpack over the weekend." mr dun replies, and i squeal happily.

"aha, sorry i'm just excited! dad i'll come and visit you every week and it's gonna be sooo much fun!!" i giggle.

"i'm going to packkk!! mr dun come helppp!" i say, grabbing his arm and pulling him up the staircase.

i run to my bedroom, grabbing my 3 suitcases from underneath my bed and shoving all my toys/stuffies in one, my clothes in another, and finally all my little items, like my diapers, paci's, blankets and just other things like that, including family pictures and my ipad pro.

he watches me pack, and once i finish, i run and jump into his arms, hugging him tightly.

"thank you so much" i smile.

i see him looking at my lips, and without hesitation i kiss him. he kisses me back and pushes me onto the bed, pinning me to it and kissing me passionately. he stands up, making me whine and cling to him.

"mphhhh" i groan, looking up at him as he smirks.

"let's get going, shall we? we can go and say goodbye to your family.

"ok!" i smile.

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