Chapter 8 - Just a Little Solid

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"FUCK!" he screamed, face palming the wall beside him in a rage. He rested his head against it, taking in the soothing touch of the cold brick. "How the fuck did you mess that up Butch?"

I shrugged from where I lay. "Skill?"

"Idiocy more like it," he mumbled into the wall.

"What're you going to do about it?" I asked cautiously. It was out of my hands now.

He sighed in a rather apologetic way. "We need to go get it without them realising you're gone."

"We? What the hell am I going to do?"

"You're the one that lost it, dipshit!" he retorted, facing me for a brief moment before returning to the wall. 

"Correction, used it!" I grinned. I was on thin ice, but I didn't care I was already bruised beyond repair.

"Right that's it!" he said, charging over to me. His large hand gripped my collar pulling me onto my feet. A rush of pins and needles caught me by surprise as they tingled around my body, and the tiny hairs on my arms pricked up. He let go of me and my knees wobbled. I stuck my arms out to achieve balance, but my attempts failed and I collapsed in a rather jelly-like heap onto the floor.


I'm such an idiot.

"Serves you right," Jack retorted, bending down and gripping each of my forearms. He tugged at them as they flopped and obeyed every action. He huffed as he heaved me across the cold floor and to the bottom of the stairs he'd thrown me down only hours ago. 

I never did use that piece of paper. I knew it was important, but I also knew if it was found, some dark shit was going to happen. I felt partially responsible and I guess this is the part where some people would argue it was my fault I was being dragged out of the room, bruised and swollen, and hurried up a pair of stairs I could barely climb.

"Jack, what are you doing?" I asked as he yanked my motionless body to the base of the stairs. I couldn't climb these stairs if that's what he expected me to do. My legs were numb! How was this supposed to work?

"Dragging your stupid ass up some stairs. What the heck does it look like Butch? God! You're incapable!"

I shrugged. This was proving to be much more of a struggle than I intended for it to be. He heaved my heavy body up, making sure I hit my head on each and every step.

"Ouch. Ouch. Ouch."

"Shut up Butch. If you hadn't of got so fat, I wouldn't be dragging your ass up these stairs!"

"Hey! I'm not fat! Just...just a little solid! Why do you have to pick on me?" I retaliated. I thought I was rather fit, not that I played sport or worked out...or ate burgers. Ahhh! Burgers! I could eat ten of them right now I was craving them that bad!

"Cause that's what brothers do," he said with grin as he finally reached the top and unlatched the hatch. Flinging it open he looked out and checked both ways. Dumping my body on the topmost step, he pulled himself out of the hole, and walked a little way up the path.  I peeked my swollen face out through the top of the hatch, squinting as the sunlight hit my face.

The warmth was nice for a change and it almost made me forget where I was and the mess I was in. I sighed as the numbness in my limbs left and an agonising pain returned. I tried to crawl out, but my arms had no energy left in them. Defeated, I settled back down into the stairs, basking once more in the sunlight. Freedom was an arm's length away and I didn't have the motivation to go for it. What was wrong with me?

It wasn't long before he came back and grasped my collar, pulling me up and out over the hatch. He lugged me a little way up the path before dumping my body on the grass near where he'd beaten me senseless.

He stood there panting for a moment. "Get up pretty boy!"

"Jack, I can't," I tried to tell him. Why were brothers so un-understanding?

"You've put my life at jeopardy, my life Butch! Mi-"

"Why are you always so hung up on yourself?" I asked abruptly before he finished his speech. Not that I cared. I just wanted him to shut up. He was after all helping me escape even if it was for his own selfish reasons. Galgort Medical Lab creeped me out and so did Jack. Why was he being so nice? And believe me, this was nice for Jack.

"We need to get that file back," he looked at his watch. "Now!"

"Since when did you become part of the equation?"

"Since it's my job to make sure that snot filled piece of paper is returned to this file," he said as he held the file up and tapped it.

I sighed. Agonisingly, I pulled my weakened body up off the ground and gathered my balance. Little sparkles of light danced in front of my corneas making it impossible to see straight. 

"Fairies!" I said.

"The fuck you going on about now?" Jack asked now annoyed as he grasped my shirt and pushed me forward. "Move you oaf."

I laughed. I hated him. Why it was so funny I couldn't understand myself. Maybe I had been beaten so many times I was just...well fucked.

I followed him as he snuck in and out of the trees. Soon he stopped and crouched down by the edge of the saplings. He scouted the parking lot in front of him. Guards paced around it and the stationary cars; their steady hands poised on their guns.

"Which way we gonna take?" I whispered into his ear.

He ignored me as he stood and emerged from the trees, motioning for me to follow him. My pace quickened and my heart throbbed. No time for bullshit now. I eyed the vehicle my brother was speeding towards.

It seemed so far away, and through the corner of my eye, a guard was quickening his pace in order to reach us.

"Hey! You two, stop right there!" he shouted.

I stopped. My heart froze and my face began screwing up into a nervous smile. This was not the time to have a nervous smiling episode! 

"Jack!" I whispered. "Jack help! I can't move."

He turned and his eyes widened at the sight. They traced the soldier coming towards us and being the quick-thinking shithead he was, stepped in front of me.

"What's going on here?" the guard asked as he reached us.

"Nothing, sir. Just escorting a visitor out of the vicinity."

"ID please," the guard asked.

I watched from my peripheral vision as my brother lifted his shirt and exposed his ID pass strapped to his belt.

"Ahhh! Professor Green! How's the new car holding up? I heard you dumped the old one."

Professor Green? What was this? My brother hadn't even finished tenth grade!

"Great actually. It's a slick new ride, the new model of the twin-turbo engine makes a killer sound," he replied. 

"Well, you're clear to go," the guard said, smiling over at us. "Have a nice day."

"Thank you, sir," Jack said as he gave me a gentle push forward. "Get in," he aggressively whispered as he went around to the driver's seat, slipped in and started the engine.

I followed him, complying with every instruction. And low and behold, right as I slipped into the passenger's seat, a hula girl sat bobbling to the engines roar right on the dashboard. 


What do you think Butch did with that missing research? Gotta be worth something if Jack is escaping with Butch in order to find it, right?

Let me know what you think in the comments below!! :D ~ H.W.

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