Ladylord-Tywin Lannister x Reader

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"The Battle Of Blackwater was a disaster. We need a new plan." Stannis leaned on the war board with the lion heads, wolf heads, and other sigils sticking up all on the map. "We lost good men and ships, let alone one of my advisors. We don't even know if Ser Davos is still alive!" He stands straight and takes some of the stag heads off the board.

"The Lord of Light will follow through. He showed me a new plan but we will need a volunteer that is loyal to you, my King." Melisandre walks toward him, her red dress flowing like fire behind her.

"What is that plan exactly?" I ask.

She smiled at me, "A spy."

"None of my men would do that, let alone that I don't trust half of them." Stannis rants.

"I could do it, Your Grace." I step forward and he stares at me like I'm an idiot. He opens his mouth to speak but I interrupt him. "I am one of your most trusted advisors and I can just disguise myself as a lord visiting King's Landing."

He sits and massages his stubble. A good few minutes pass. "I would've sent Davos because there is less risk for a man to go but I don't have another choice, do I?" He looks at me.

"Not one that is less risky than me going." I smile softly.

He nods slowly. "Send for a servant to bring you some lord-like clothing. You will have to cut your hair, at least to shoulder length and braid it like a man. Melisandre can help you with making you have the facial features of a man along with a cloth to hide your more feminine parts of the body."

"Of course." I curtsy. "Thank you, Your Grace." I start to walk off when he calls my name. I turn back around to him right as I open the door.

"Be careful and don't betray me. The Lannisters are cunning little beasts." He speaks the name of the Lannisters as if it was a curse. "Especially Tywin."

"I will definitely be careful and you don't need to worry about me betraying you." I nod and he dismisses me to do the job.


The sailing to King's Landing was as uneventful as me riding to the castle. With my cut hair and lord clothing, I lowered my voice to as close as I could muster that sounded believable and like a man.

Once in the throne room, I tried to blend in with the crowd of people that were surrounding the throne as King Joffrey knights and rewards more and more people for the battle's victory.

I blend in well until I make eye contact with the new Hand of the King, Tywin Lannister. His glance towards me was filled with confusion and ice as if he was from Winterfell instead of Casterly Rock. I also caught the eye of Lord Baelish, Master of Coin.

After Joffrey was finished, Littlefinger leaned to him and whispered, pointing at me. There goes my cover.

"My lord! Come forward." Joffrey waves me over and the crowd parts for me to walk forward toward the throne. I reluctantly do so.

I kneel so they don't focus on my face. "My King. It is an honor to be in your presence."

"Please, stand. Tell me who you are." I stand slowly and raise my head slightly. "I'm Lord Aubrey. It is a small house that no one really pays attention too. I doubt you would know who we are."

Joffrey nods and leans back into his seat. "Are you here to pledge your loyalty?"

My stomach clenches with dread. "Yes, Your Grace." I bend and pledge my loyalty to King Joffrey before I turn and leave. I could feel the stare of the Hand and Littlefinger on my back as I made my exit.

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