Pray For Plagues

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Waking up with Oliver cuddled up against my chest was the best feeling in the world. I'd taken a liking to sneaking up to his room almost every other night. His Mum didn't much mind, as it put Oli in a better mood, and my Dad thought it was nice that I was spending time with someone other than Mitch.

I bent down to place a kiss on his forehead with a smile. "Good morning, princess." He pouted. "I'm not a princess, Austin." I rolled my eyes, pulling him back into my lap so I could kiss his lips. "You're my princess, love." He giggled. "You're so cheesy."

My phone started to vibrate on the nightstand, and we both groaned. I checked the caller ID, seeing Danny's picture flash on the screen. "Wazzup?" I answered, rubbing Oliver's arm to keep him in my lap.

"We lost him." I shot bolt upright. "Wait, who did you lose? Where? How?" I started freaking out, and Oliver squeezed my hand to calm my nerves. Danny sighed. "Drinks last night, Aus, remember? The bar?" I wrinkled my eyebrows in confusion. "Oh, yea! You decided to ditch all of your friends for a night with the whore." I winced, hoping that Oli didn't hear anything that just went down. I may know that Danny was just in a harsh mood because of his hangover, but Oli would take anything he said to heart. We did not need another repeat of last week's drama fest.

"Please explain." I rubbed my head, already feeling the pounding headache start to settle against my skull. "We all went out for drinks last night, and when I wake up everyone, except for Mitch, is accounted for." I rolled my eyes. "I'll call him, Danny, no big deal." He scoffed. "My point, Austin, is that I have his fucking phone! He gave it to me last night so he wouldn't say anything stupid to his parents while we were out, and now he's missing!"

I slowly stood up, motioning for Oliver to get ready to leave. "Text me the address, I'll meet you guys there after I stop by a few places, yea?" He grunted in agreement. "Whatever you say, mate. I'm walking down Brimstone with Ben, so call me if you find him."

We hung up, and I turned to face my boyfriend. "Mitch is missing." He face palmed. "Only Danny." I chuckled, lacing our fingers together and running down to the garage, where we ran into the middle of a photo shoot.

Juliette had set up shop in one of the corners of the garage. I did a double take, staring in awe at the girl getting her picture taken on the bike.

Her hair was just past her belly button, falling in straight blonde curtains that she had teased to frame her face small face. Her icy blue eyes were brought out with vibrant turquoise makeup, and her curvy body was left on display by the tight leather pants and white tank top.

My distraction must have been a little too obvious, though, because Oli tugged on my hand with much more force than necessary. "Mum!" He got Juliette's attention easily. "Austin and I were gonna go out, so can I take the car?" She shrugged, tossing us the keys. "Be home by lunch! My sister and her boyfriend are coming over this afternoon." He rolled his eyes. "I thought you said she was, like, sixteen!" She crossed her arms. "Says the seventeen year old boy in a serious relationship."

Oli huffed, storming over to the car and slamming the door. I cringed apologetically, extending my hand to introduce myself. "I'm Austin, by the way, and I apologize for my boyfriend's behavior." She smiled sweetly at me, her cherry red lips twisting up into a grin. "Gielle." She swung one leg off of the bike and gave Juliette a thumbs up. "Senior pictures, done." The dark haired woman shook her head. "I'll start editing, Austin and Oliver can give you a ride home?" I nodded, taking her hand to lead her to the luxury car.

"What's she doing here?" Oli spat, glaring daggers at the innocent girl behind me. I pecked his lips lightly, succeeding in cooling him down a bit. "Get in the car." He ordered, and she sat down in my lap. Oliver was less than pleased, but he's the one who chose a two seater.

The sound of tires squealing over the pavement was all I heard as we peeled out of the driveway. Gielle giggled, relaxing against me. My hands subconsciously moved to rest on her waist, and Oli's grip on the wheel tightened.

In a split second we had pulled over to the curb and our door was unlocked. "Out. Bitch." Gielle flipped him off, grabbing my hand on her way out. "Aus, I'm new in town, and I can't remember how to get to my house-" Oliver cut her off. "Don't care, honey! Seeya!" I sent a disapproving look his way as I climbed out after the lost girl.

"I'll walk you home." I smiled politely, taking her hand. "Where do you live?" I listened half heartedly as she rattled off some address, staring at her plump red lips. "Austin?" I hummed casually, still out of it. Gielle clasped my hands tighter, holding me upright with a worried look in her eyes.

I managed to pull myself together enough to take a few steps, dragging her along with me. "I've got to get you home." She shook her head, cupping my face in her hands gently. "Aus, slow down. What's up?" I gulped. "Oli, he-" She rolled her eyes and scoffed. "That dick? If he doesn't trust you than you shouldn't be together."

I bit down on my lip, thinking about all the times he'd accused me of doing things with other people. He was paranoid, and I understand why. Still, it's putting more stress on me than what it's worth.

I just don't want to break his heart.

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