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LAX WAS BUSY the afternoon that Aubrey Michaels landed in the city. The brunette girl's eyes were wide with excitement as she looked out the windows of the airport, a smile stretching on her face. Something in this city sparked her excitement, she didn't know why but she had a good feeling about coming here.

If only I knew why...

Her phone ringing in her pocket brought her back to reality and she pulled it out, smiling when reading her friend's contact. "Hey Cleo! How's Chicago?" She asked as she held her phone up to her ear, holding it up with her shoulder as she opened up her backpack to look in it.

"Well you would know if you stayed longer than just a few days." Cleo Brown's voice came through the phone, her best friend, the words to her pictures. Aubrey rolled her eyes and slightly shook her head despite the amused smile coming to her face. Her best friend scoffed from her end of the call. "Come on, you left me here to go to Los Angeles, and for what?"

"I don't know! I told you, that's why I had to go. I have a feeling!" Aubrey reminded her best friend and held her phone, placing the dark denim backpack on the ground and pulling off her black jacket. It was warm in L.A.

"Your feelings are going to lead you into a bad situation one day." Cleo critiqued.

"Funny, I always thought you were going to do that." Aubrey giggled, hearing Cleo let out a snort before covering it. "Besides, I'm staying with Marina. It's not like we'll get into that much trouble." At her friend's silence, she rolled her eyes. "Come on, I won't do anything. I just want to figure out what called me here."

About a week ago, Aubrey had this sudden "inspiration" to come to Los Angeles, a feeling she got sometimes that called her to a new city. Luckily, she made enough with photography that her and Cleo, who wrote the articles with the pictures, could go to these new places. Usually it was pretty obvious what called Aubrey to a new place. But not this time.

This time she had no idea why she was here.

"Aubrey!" A voice called through the airport. The brunette girl lifted her head and beamed when she saw a familiar blonde going through people with a bright smile on her face.

"Cleo, I have to go. See you in a few days!" She said and smiled as the girl wished her a goodbye. She slipped the phone in the back pocket of her jeans and looked up. "Marina!" She called and waved, getting the blonde's attention.

Marina Nelson moved through the crowd of people and hugged Aubrey tightly, a laugh of excitement falling past both their lips. It had been so long since they'd seen each other. The last time they saw each other in person was also the first time, in New York a long time ago. Then Marina moved to Los Angeles, and Aubrey finally got to see her again.

"It's so good to see you!" Marina gushed and pulled out of the hug, her hands rested on the brunette's arms as she looked over her with a smile. "You look great!"

"So do you!" Aubrey complimented and picked up her stuff, giving Marina a thankful smile when she picked up her suitcase. "Thanks, and thanks for letting me stay with you. This whole trip was last minute-"

"Don't worry about it." Marina cut her off and shook her head, starting towards the airport doors. "You and Cleo are my friends, there's no way you wouldn't stay with me while you're here." She added as Aubrey picked up her backpack and coat, rushing after her. Even after traveling so much like she did, she was a bit of a mess.

"That's why we love you, you're the best." Aubrey smiled at her and put her backpack on. "And Cleo won't be coming for a few days. Something about some rally thing happening she needed to document. I offered to stay but she said it was fine."

"That girl is gong to end up in a newsroom one day, I swear." Marina said with a shake of her head, Aubrey nodding in agreement. They both laughed and approached the blonde's white car, with a convertible roof fit for life in Los Angeles.

"So, you're only here for... actually how long are you here for?" Marina questioned as she sat down in the passenger seat of her car.

Aubrey pursed her lips together for a moment before shrugging, sliding into the passenger seat and shutting the door. "No idea. We'll see when I feel like leaving." 

"Perfect." Marina smiled and started the car, Aubrey watching and grinning when she turned to look at her. "That gives me plenty of time to show you the best parts of living in L.A."

"Let's do it!" Aubrey cheered and threw her hands up. Marina smiled even wider and started driving away from the airport, the brunette next to her laughing and cheering the way.

Aubrey pulled out her camera along the journey from the airport, snapping pictures as they drove by anything she thought interesting. It definitely was a good spot for pictures, so many spots of color and different activities and adventures happening around the city. The air felt alive. Polluted, but alive.

And all the whole she looked through this city, it still didn't occur to Aubrey why she was here. That feeling was still a mystery.

So it was time to enjoy sunny Los Angeles.


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