Chapter 10-Land of Nightmares

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Colin looks between me and Stella, but I can't help to ignore the look of lingering disapproval he saves for me as he hands me the vampire baby with a grimace.

We know too late about what has become of our town. Colin told us everything the cops put him up to. Stella was the one who had to witness us being forced here by them. I don't remember anything, but Stella said she thinks they had me under a spell.

The truth is, I was wrong about everything. Nick really had it out for the coven all along and now we believe the legend truly has taken place seeing as the portal was activated and we're stuck in the other realm. We entered into this domain through some kind of mirror in a tiny office we think belongs to the mayor of this disturbing place.

I'm surprised Stella and Colin haven't asked me if I remember anything about being here after my first death, but I don't. I know I was here though the first time I died because we found my name along with my family's in the office of deceased supernaturals. It's right in the center of this town they call Hegley Hallow. The name didn't ring a bell to me, but I know we're in the in between all the same. This is where our kind go in death and the population is about to spike when the vamps kill all of the witches.

We've already been stuck here a day. We were assigned an apartment in a black brick building to share for free. Everything else is free too including their Hallows Eve event going on nonstop. The streets below our building are congested with a bunch of people dressed in black pointed hooded cloaks. It's creepy and if they aren't dressed in hoods, they're running around in freakish painted masks carrying lit pumpkins. I think it's kind of dangerous too because the pumpkins seem to be lit with real fire and children are running around with them.

We're all cooped up in the kitchen of our apartment and avoiding the strange parade outdoors. "We're dead...d-dead. Dead!" Colin repeats for the millionth time.

"You're okay now. We were all tricked." Stella coos while hugging his side until his body stops shaking.

Stella discovered a bite mark on her wrist just like me when we first arrived here. I don't know if we were turned or not, but none of that matters now since we're dead.

Colin has been traumatized by it all. Once we got here, whoever sired him lost control over him and now he remembers everything. Including Nick eating him. I shudder while looking down at the baby. It doesn't need to drink from me since its technically dead now like us too. However, it still gets hungry like us and demands I feed it. Stella told me just to let it cry, but I feel like if we don't feed it we're being cruel. Although, at the same time, it is stealing my blood away and I don't know if I'm producing any more since we got here.

I just can't believe Nick really was after this all along. I feel used and dirty knowing I'm still torn about it, but at the end of the day what he plans on doing is outright mass murder. We've already seen a bunch of familiar faces wandering around outside on the streets such as Marcella and Patty.

I'm not ready to confront any of them because if this truly is my afterlife I'll be tormented by them forever about my misjudgment. I've thought about finding my parents, but I just can't handle the thought of living out the rest of my life here while above somewhere Wixton is suffering.

"We have to get out of here." I say.

Stella smiles, but there's no hope in it. I think she wants to stay here since she's still afraid of the vampires. Feeling tired, I walk over into my bedroom and set the child down in the crib we found in town at a furnishing store. It's better than the cauldron one Stella and I made for it. I still can't believe everything here is free.

I walk over to my bed and scoot under the covers watching the glow emitting from a hilltop in the distance outside my window. I think that's where all the townspeople are headed. I watch the crowds of people parading around outside for a long time until I fall into a deep sleep.

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