the protection

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It's been few weeks since the death of the kings have happened. Crystal been seen by sonic and his friends. She was a bit scared thinking that they might attack her. But since she helped you she on their side and is welcome to the team. Sonic shadow and silver have been by your side for a while. If you go to you room to sleep one of them take turns to sleep with you. And when you go to the kitchen one of them will stand in the doorway watching you cook. You and your kind heart you didn't mind it they just doing because of love and was worried of what might happen to you.

Anyways you were in your room reading f/b as you hear a knock on the door. "Come in" you said as shadow walks in and sees you. "Hello y/n." He said quiet as you look at him confused . "is something wrong?" You asked him as he sighs looking at you before he hugs you tight. "Im afraid of losing you...." He said as he tears up. You never seen shadow shows his sadness towered you as you hug him back. "I won't leave you guys i promise ." you said as you two cuddle with eatch other as another pair of arms wrap themself around you two. You look to see it was sonic and silver as it turns into a group hug. "We will protect you with our lives y/n." Sonic said as silver and shaodw nods. "D don't push yourself to hard guys. " you said as you give them eatch of them a kiss on the cheek as they blush a lot making you giggle.

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