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Eve zipped up her black leather jacket she wore over her sweatshirt. As she pulled her hair out of the jacket, Bucky walked in the doorway with his bag. He looked her up and down as she fixed her hair in the mirror. Bucky could never help the smile that rose on his face at the sight of her.

"You ready?" Bucky asked, grabbing her attention. She nodded then grabbed her bag off of her bed and followed him down the hall.

"Call me when you can," Natasha said to Eve as she hugged her once Eve and Bucky made it to the common room.

"We'll miss you guys," Steve said as he hugged Bucky tightly. "Take care of her," he whispered to Bucky.

"Take care of him," Natasha whispered to Eve before letting her go.

"I don't know whether I'm happy or sad you're gonna be gone," Sam joked as he shook Bucky's hand.

"Feelings mutual," Bucky smiled.

"Don't hurt the suit too much," Tony chimed in before he came up and hugged Eve. Bucky and Steve internally rolled their eyes in annoyance with him. "See you soon. Bring the quinjet back, please."

Bucky and Steve looked at each other, Bucky's eyes asking, and Steve's eyes answering. Bucky had asked Steve earlier if he would talk to Tony about his involvement, because he knew he'd kill Tony if he asked.

"Let's go, we've got a long flight ahead of us," Bucky told Eve as he walked over to her and placed his hand on her back.

The team walked them to the jet, waving goodbye as Bucky and Eve took off.

Meanwhile, Eve sat in the copilot seat despite not knowing how to fly. She watched Bucky steer the jet and press different things before he steadied the jet to put it on autopilot.

"What?" Bucky asked once he leaned back and looked over at her.

"I'm thankful that I have you," Eve said. Bucky felt his chest leap at the words he doesn't think he's ever heard before. It's actually like he has butterflies in his chest. He felt like he needed to say something equally as meaningful, but he couldn't think of anything to match that.

"I love you," Bucky conjured up. Eve just smiled and laid her head back to try to sleep. She heard Bucky her out of his seat and walk to the back to mess with some different things. Just when she started nodding off, she felt Bucky's cool metal arm slip under her legs and the warm normal arm slide under her back. She opened her eyes with a smile forming on her face as she looked up at him while he walked to the back.

"What are you doing?" Eve laughed lightly at him as he smiled at her.

"Thought you could be more comfortable," Bucky shrugging and set her down on a thick bed of blankets he brought for her. He sat at the top of the bed so she could lay her head on his lap.

"Thank you, James," Eve breathed out as her eyes shut once she was comfortable. Bucky's hand found its way to her hair as he ran his hand through it repeatedly.

"You're welcome, darling," Bucky whispered as a warmth bubbled in his chest.

Hours later, Bucky began descending the jet causing Eve to wake up. She realized Bucky wasn't next to her anymore so she looked up to see him in the pilot's seat.

"Just a couple more minutes," Bucky said over his shoulder when he heard her shifting around. He then looked at her as she sat down in the copilot seat.

Minutes later, Bucky landed the jet in a green pasture in the mountains on the outside of Toulouse, France. After Bucky turned the engines off, he looked over at Eve to see her still sitting and looking forward. He could tell by the look on her face she was in deep thought.

"Eve?" Bucky gently asked, making her look over to him. "Are you ready?"

"Yeah," Eve said after a moment, standing up and walking to the back to grab her backpack. Bucky followed her out, locking the jet afterwards. They walked over to the black SUV Fury had arranged to be there for them. Eve got in the drivers seat as Bucky sat in the passenger side.

As Bucky started putting the coordinates into the GPS, Eve leaned her head back against the headrest.

"Do you think she will know me?" Eve asked, keeping her eyes on the roof. Bucky stopped typing to glance at her before continuing.

"You're pretty unforgettable," Bucky answered.

"Do you think she will be mad I killed Alvaro?" Eve then questioned.

"You didn't, but considering everything, I think she will be fine with it," Bucky comforted her. The GPS loaded to give her directions to Montgaillard, France. It was only 15 minutes away.

She drove them in silence, Bucky not knowing what to say but also wanting to let her go through what she needs to at her own pace.

They turned down a dirt road to go further into the wooded mountains. Bucky looked around and through the trees to occasionally see a deer or two. He'd glance over at Eve to see her eyes shift from blue to gray for a split second.

Soon after, Eve pulled into a long driveway through trees. A small wooden cabin came into view as they entered a small clearing. They both then saw a garden as they entered the wooden fence lining the clearing.

Eve parked the car and got out, as did Bucky. She cautiously looked around as she gently shut the door behind her. Bucky walked around the front of the car to her and waited for Eve to take the first step. She did, leading him over to the house slowly and stepped onto the old wooden porch lining the front of the house. The boards creaked beneath their feet as they made it to the door.

Eve looked up to Bucky, receiving a nod from him before knocking on the door. Before her hand could drop back down, the door quickly swung open with a shotgun barrel pointed at Eve.

They both stared at the woman holding the gun at Eve. She looked like an older version of Eve with only a little variation here and there.

"Anne-Marie Delacroix?" Eve slowly asked her. Bucky watched as Anne-Marie's head tilted slightly to the side as her eyes lightly squinted, just like Eve always does.

"Who are you?" Anne's deep, melancholic voice asked. Eve took a breath for a moment before answering.

"Eveline. Your daughter."

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