Chapter 46

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6 Months Later

My stomach is a tight ball of nerves weighing me down as I help Taylor carry the remainder of my bags into my little studio apartment. I have a week until school starts to get this tiny apartment looking like my own. My sponsor suggested off campus housing with no roommate to help keep temptation away, if I could swing it, and thankfully I can. Taylor drops my bags on the concrete floor just inside the door and looks around the room skeptically.

I roll my eyes at him and sit the bags in my hands down before shutting the door behind us. "Don't say a word Taylor, I'm not moving."

He snorts. "You're right about that, you definitely won't be moving in here."

"I've already paid the deposit and first months rent, non-refundable." I shrug and give him a what-can-you-do face.

I like my new apartment. It has white walls with one exposed brick wall, tall ceilings with exposed pipes and beams which make it feel larger. The small kitchen area has a white stove with a small matching microwave above it, gray cabinets, a white refrigerator and there's a small gray island that I will use as my table. There's a space for a love seat or chair, definitely not a couch, and a tv. A spot for a bed and dresser on the far wall and a huge picture window that just opens the apartment up. The bathroom is small but has a single vanity, toilet and a bathtub shower combo. It's not much and I still have to buy furniture but it's mine.

"There isn't even a bedroom, you have no privacy here." He says and I can't help but laugh.

"Privacy from who? I'm the only one living in this apartment."

He stares at me a minute before his lips tilt up into a lopsided grin. "You're right, you don't need privacy. Now remember you gave me a key, I can pop by anytime I want so I suggest you stay single or the guy may get a surprise of my fist in his face."

My mouth falls open, I hadn't even thought about it that way. He opens the door before I can react and steps into the hallway. I stumble after him, stopping in the open doorway. "That key is for emergencies only!"

Like me getting locked out if I lose my key, not him barging in whenever he feels the need.

Taylor turns around, giving me a big smirk as he continues walking backwards. "I'd say a guy trying to get in your pants would fall under being an emergency. Love you!" And he's gone before I can even reply.

"Oh, he's hot." I jump at the sound of a girls voice beside me.

She's gorgeous, with short jaw length blonde hair and huge baby blue eyes that have speckles of gray around the edge of each iris. She's dressed in a pair of black Adidas joggers and a white spaghetti strap top, standing in the open doorway of the apartment next to mine.

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